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Favorite feel godd/chickflick films

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Happycat Sat 24-May-03 15:33:22

Feeling ill mostly in bed at the moment and need some good D.V.D's to cheer me good old faithfull's like Bridget Jones,Dirty dancing,About last night are not doing the trick I have seen them so many times now has anyone got anymore idea's to cure my boredom please.

Happycat Sat 24-May-03 15:35:52

See even my typing has taken an even more turn for the worst.

mears Sat 24-May-03 15:45:17

Sleepless in Seattle, You Have mail, 7 Days and &
7 Nights ?
Hope you feel better soon

Dahlia Sat 24-May-03 15:59:49

While You Were Sleeping, Working Girl, The American President, Stepping Out, Tootsie, Its a Wonderful Life (some not strictly chick flicks but flipping brilliant films all the same!)

mammya Sat 24-May-03 16:46:22

Charlie's angels, not sure if it counts as chickflick but real good fun
Amelie Poulain if you can bear subtitles, it's very funny

eidsvold Sat 24-May-03 16:47:23

10 things I hate about you - more teeny kind of film.. modern taming of the shrew...

miss congeniality??

Finbar Sun 25-May-03 08:50:39

Happycat - you've got to check out Fried Gren Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe -top top film!
Also Beaches - always makes me laugh and cry - what more could you want!!!

Ghosty Sun 25-May-03 08:56:19

Jerry Macguire ... (just love that film) ...
When Harry met Sally ...
Dahlia ... It's a Wonderful Life is one of the best films ever made IMO!!!
Hope you feel better soon Happycat!

Nutjob Sun 25-May-03 09:27:00

How about Ghost or Notting Hill?

Pancake Sun 25-May-03 09:32:17

Just watched Maid in Manhattan and it made me blub ... unfortunately I was on a plane to the States with a male colleague so my professionalism went out of the window!!!!

Furball Sun 25-May-03 10:02:30

Sliding Doors - Its probably my favourite film ever.

Hughsie Sun 25-May-03 10:05:40

Tootsie is one of my all time favourites plus Dirty dancing, St Elmos Fire, About last night, Breakfast Club, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Parenthood, Mrs Doubtfire (sad! - me not the film!) Pillow Talk - you cant beat a bit of Doris Day and Cary Grant!

Happy watching - hope you feel better soon

PamT Sun 25-May-03 10:07:23

I'm a Bridget Jones/Dirty Dancing girl too. Also watched Ghost on Friday and love Top Gun but I always cry when the plane goes down. The Full Monty is always good for a giggle too.

WideWebWitch Sun 25-May-03 12:45:43

Happycat, not necessarily all chick flicks but fwiw, here are my suggestions:
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid (for good old fashioned, good looking criminals and nostalgia); Top Gun (for testosterone overload and memories of the eighties); The Truman Show (for wit, excellent acting and an all round fantastic film); Four Weddings & a Funeral (to make you laugh and cry and reminisce about every such event you've ever been to); Also agree with Dahlia about It's a Wonderful Life, Tootsie and Working Girl and with PamT about The Full Monty. Casablanca? Some Like it Hot? Let us know what you go for hey?

susanmt Sun 25-May-03 15:10:06

Its a Wonderful Life is one of my all time faves, and also Harvey (same vintage, also James Stewart).
For a girly night has to be Truly, Madly, Deeply.... always cry but fab, fab film

GeorginaA Sun 25-May-03 15:29:50

While You Were Sleeping - just love that film, can watch it over and over.

Return To Me - David Duchovny & Minnie Driver. I cry and laugh at all the right bits every time. Some wonderful comic moments - and they've done well to pick really good sympathetic secondary characters in it too (the three old guys in the restaurant in particular play off so well together).

ninja Sun 25-May-03 17:17:00

I'll second 'fried green tomotaoes at the whistle stop cafe' - I'd forgotten about that, it's great. What about comedy seiries as well - sometimes 1/2 hour is a good length if you want to drift to sleep (can't think of anything at the mo)

Happycat Sun 25-May-03 18:00:18

I went for the full monty to start with as I all ready have that and I am gonna get out 10 things I hate about you .gonna try a few of these I had forgotten about some of these.Fancy getting out About a boy any good ?

emwi Sun 25-May-03 18:26:47

Not a chickflick but I love Groundhog Day - always cheers me up. Strictly Ballroom is fab and I do like Some like it Hot. Hope you feel better soon.

GeorginaA Sun 25-May-03 18:42:23

I loved About a Boy (and I don't normally like Hugh Grant!). Would have been disappointed if I'd read the book first though - as it was I loved the film and then really enjoyed the book afterwards too (totally different ending though).

Dahlia Sun 25-May-03 20:14:54

I really liked About a Boy too, and Hugh looked very edible with his new little haircut. What about The Railway Children for the ultimate weepy film - if anyone can watch Jenny Agutter running down the station platform crying "Daddy, my Daddy!" without sobbing hysterically then you are made of tougher stuff than me.

EmmaTMG Sun 25-May-03 20:36:20

Come on girls, what about Grease!
Seen it sooooo many times I actually know the script. Much to everyones annoyance when it's on as I can say the lines with each character and within the first 10 minutes get told to shut up and threatened with the remote control.

Dahlia Sun 25-May-03 20:39:11

Tell me about it, stud....

EmmaTMG Sun 25-May-03 20:46:03


Nutjob Sun 25-May-03 20:46:57

I really enjoyed About A Boy, but unfortunately had read the book first, so I thought the ending in the film was a bit ridiculous. Still dead funny though!!

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