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I am SO angry!!!

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bibiboo Thu 09-Jun-05 10:23:53

Just a rant...
Our boiler burst on us a few months ago, ruining the hall carpet and livingroom & dining room laminate floor. The insurance assisgned us Allied Carpets to fit new, for which we paid extra so we could have decent quality. Bearing in mind we have an 8mo baby of which they were aware, we waited 3 weeks for the laminate to arrive, only to find they A.C. guy hadn't measured properly and the carpenter was short in the dining room. Then we had to wait another fortnight for it to come into stock, and a further fortnight for the carpenter to be available to fit it, despite me complaining that we should be a priority ebcause we have a half finished floor. He came this morning and they've given him the wrong colour! I am livid! Have rung A.C.'s manager who said she was getting onto the maufacturer to see how long it would take to get us more and will ring back.
I ranted at her for a bit about how our crawling baby can't crawl anywhere as it's not safe (not strictly true as she's not crawling yet), we don't have our furniture back in so are eating our meals on trays, that said furniture is currently filling MILs house, that my house has been topsy turvery for months now and they are totally incompetent.

Bl88dy hell, is it too much to expect nowadays that people actually do their jobs properly in the first place? I do get the feeling that A.C.s attitude has been "ah well, we've been paid already (by our insurance), so what the hell..."

Am I entitled to ask for some sort of compensation? We only paid £150 extra on top of what the insurance paid them, so do you think I should ask for some money back for the inconvenience?

bibiboo Thu 09-Jun-05 10:42:36


Gwenick Thu 09-Jun-05 10:43:58

I'd certainly complain 'higher' up - and ask for compensation of some sort.

Lizzylou Thu 09-Jun-05 10:45:35

HI Bibiboo...

They sound awful! We had a flood at our old house and the insurers were do just have to keep kicking up a fuss (in the end we wrote to the MD of the insurance company)....
I would definietly ask for a refund and I would also let AC know (ie CC letter to your insurer as well) that your insurer knows of their shortcomings too...they will brick it when they realise a large referral source is at stake!

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