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Anyone have Tony Blair as their MP? If not, you can still help.

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21stcenturygirl Fri 23-May-03 10:34:34

Help - if you check out the Strep B conversation in the Health section, you will see that we are trying to get routine accurate testing of this common infection available in the UK, as it is in the US. Currently the test that is available on the NHS is only 50% accurate. The Group B Strep Support group ( have managed to get an MP to raise an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons. However, we need to get all MPs to sign this. If any Mumsnetters could download the letter (, check for the name of their MP, complete, sign and send the letter off (only takes 5 minutes), we could try and get all MPs to sign this.

It would be even better if we could get Tony Blair's name against this - anyone have him as their MP?

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