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happycaravanner Sat 03-Oct-09 21:32:50

hi please could anyone help we live next door to a 83 year old man who is very threatening, abusive and nasty he was find with us until we bought a new caravan nearly 4 years ago and then he changed over night he has done a number of awful things to us and we just carry on as ever and dont let him know he is bothering us now he has told us he is going to remove our gate post that is bolted to aconcrete post between both houses that holds up our gates and there is nothing we can do about it and when my husband said that was unfair why does he need to do such a thing he said its because he wants to be nasty to us and used some really awful words to us and also told us when my husband was banging chopping up wood one night for our fire that he has reported us for noise abatement at 9pm in the evening so we just came in we are in our forty's and who's going to beleive a 83 year old is behaving like this i have asthma and all the stress isn't helping please does anyone have any advice

jellyjelly Mon 05-Oct-09 10:38:26

Contact your council. Sorry thats about alli know that you can do. Keep a record of everything even the thigns you do and why in case its needed at a later date.

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