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Any Americans on atm?

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Newbarnsleygirl Wed 08-Jun-05 20:45:20

My other thread isn't attracting any attention so thought I'd ask this way.

Does anyone know of any reputable US online clothes stores that would ship to the UK?

beetroot Wed 08-Jun-05 20:45:50

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 08-Jun-05 20:46:49

I'd like to have a look at what they have as I'm a bit bored with uk sites.

turquoise Wed 08-Jun-05 20:49:34

What sort of clothes are you after? My favourite is, I think they ship to the uk. Hope they do anyway, now I'm back!

beetroot Wed 08-Jun-05 20:50:15

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 08-Jun-05 20:51:00

More high street fashion I suppose.

I'll check that one out.

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 08-Jun-05 20:56:14

That first one is a bit nice. Pricy but theres some gorgeous stuff on it.

expatinscotland Wed 08-Jun-05 20:57:53

Don't know any that ship abroad. And I'm American. I buy from US sites, but my family lives in the US, so I have the clothing sent to them and then they bring it to us on visits.

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