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Please help - Where can I find boys trousers to fit a very solidly built 6 year old ?

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sitdownpleasegeorge Sat 03-Oct-09 10:20:47

Ds1 is built like a miniature chunky rugby player.

He is tall but not exceptionally so, I would say at the top end of average for his age and he isn't fat (his legs are all muscle and very strong, no fat on them, he does plenty of exercise), his hips/waist however are the main problem, .

Age 7-8 pants leave a red mark from the elastic waistband and after a summer in mainly elasticated waisted shorts we are finding that even age 7 jeans don't fit.

Age 8 probably would but they'll be too long and I've tried taking a pair up(at the hems), it was not a success !

Are any brands particularly generously cut for the chunkier boy ?

Georgimama Sat 03-Oct-09 10:24:31

I'd say Asda, in all honesty, and that isn't meant sniffily. They do some lovely clothes for young boys (bargainous too), but I can very rarely buy their trousers for DS because he is so skinny in the waist. His cousin (the same age as him) is much more solidly built and lives in their stuff.

Prunerz Sat 03-Oct-09 10:27:28

We have had Mayoral and Oilily (the latter from TK Maxx I think) and they are so big around the waist that ds will have got too tall for them by the time he will be able to keep them up. He is slightly above average height too.

teamcullen Sat 03-Oct-09 10:30:47

Next do a plus size on many of their childrens clothes which give a more room in the right size length.

sitdownpleasegeorge Sat 03-Oct-09 10:42:30


Thinking about it his age 6-7 school trousers do just fit and they are from Asda (although they were second hand from e-bay wink).

Have made a note of other brands too, thanks folks, and will check out next plus size too for some smart trousers. It looks as though I'll have to buy brand new for a change instead of ebay bargains.

CaptainUnderpants Sat 03-Oct-09 10:54:50

Hi Sitdownpleasegeorge,

My DS1 was like this when he started school at 5 yrs and until he was 7.5 we had to get school trousers from a school uniform shop that did 'chunky' fit . Theye were just bigger round the waist and bottom but still same leg length as normal trousers.

Dont know whether there is a school uniform shop near you that yoiu could ask ?

He is now coming up to 9 and now fits comfortably into M&S standard school trousers although there are age 10 . He seems to have slimmed out but got taller .

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