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Gobbledigook Wed 08-Jun-05 13:22:16

Just got an email - they are at Wembley Pavilion on Thursday 20th October!!

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday morning but I've just pre-ordered mine on Ticketmaster (my email gave me a direct link so not sure if you can just go on and do it without the email).

Rang up JoolsToo so excited she thought I'd sold my house - errr, no

RnB Wed 08-Jun-05 13:23:56

Message withdrawn

RnB Wed 08-Jun-05 13:24:26

Message withdrawn

oliveoil Wed 08-Jun-05 13:24:28

You can get help for this you know

Gobbledigook Wed 08-Jun-05 13:27:18

They are fabulous!! I'm quite serious!

I love Luther too!

dillydally Wed 08-Jun-05 13:29:50

Just quit playin games with my heart

RnB Wed 08-Jun-05 13:33:00

Message withdrawn

dillydally Wed 08-Jun-05 13:34:11

I am loving that Rnb
but wasnt Covergirl NKOTB?

RnB Wed 08-Jun-05 13:35:23

Message withdrawn

dillydally Wed 08-Jun-05 13:38:15

The reason was clearly to cheer me up and you have succeeded.

<goes away imagining David Suchet on the cover of Attitude in just a towel>

RnB Wed 08-Jun-05 13:40:08

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Wed 08-Jun-05 14:02:36

Just to clarify - I never said I fancied the BSB!! I just like the music!

imation Wed 08-Jun-05 14:42:37


i used to fancy Brian . I'll be def getting a ticket

loulabelle222 Wed 08-Jun-05 15:08:26

i just got a ticket im so excited i still love em! especially nick!

jessicasmummy Wed 08-Jun-05 15:09:03

I WANT TO GO... but new baby due 21st Oct so i think my luck is OUT!

Gobbledigook Wed 08-Jun-05 15:12:42

Oooh, where are you loulabelle? We are in block B2 - you can go on the Wembley Pavilion website to see the seating plan

loulabelle222 Wed 08-Jun-05 15:16:05

i am in block b2 row 4!!!

loulabelle222 Wed 08-Jun-05 15:19:12

sorry no i am in block b3 row 4 i can't wait!

Gobbledigook Wed 08-Jun-05 18:10:03

I'm block B2 row 22 so not far from you probably!

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