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Springchicken Wed 08-Jun-05 09:50:06

I want to get a new tatoo.
I have wanted one for ages that resembles my DD but have been thinking long and hard about what i want.

I definitely do not want her name or date of birth as by the time i've finished having kids, i could be covered in names.
I am thinking more along the lines of a nice verse that would apply to all my children as and when they arrive......................but i am struggling with what to have.

Anyone got any idea's?


MamaMaiasaura Wed 08-Jun-05 10:03:32

Hi SC, the only advice i can off is that when you choose the design you want have a picture of it on your mirror and look at it everyday. With my first tattoo, I know i wanted one for about 2 years till i found and redesigned it in part. Then I kept it on my mirror for 6 months (while I saved up for it). I dont regret that tattoo one bit. The second one I was a bit more impulsive with and didnt give myself time to get used to the design to see if I really liked it. Good thing is that I do like but I need a bit more done to it but it is a lot bigger than i would have liked.. thinking about it (is it on my lower back) I was about 4 sizes bigger then!

As for what to have done, you have to choose because you will have to live with it.

hth x

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