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Children's TV Quiz

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Claireandrich Thu 22-May-03 12:01:21

If you're feeling a bit bored, a friend sent me these early. Might bring back some memories too.

1) If Parsley was the lion who was Dill?

2) Name all the Wombles.

3) Who was the wicked uncle of Noggin the Nog?

4) Which two animals that could fly lived on the Clangers Planet?

5) What animals were Rhubarb and Custard?

6) What was the name of Crystletips’ dog?

7) Where did the Pogles live?

8) Name the fireman in Trumpton?

9) What lived in Ivor the Engines fire box?

10) Name all the animal characters in the Magic Roundabout?

11) What were the names of the two space cartoon characters in Blue Peter?

12) What was the name of the cartoon small boy character who lived in the sea?

13) What did Andy Pandy and Teddy always do at the end of their program?

14) Name all the characters in Play School?

15) Who was Ali Bongo?


Tissy Thu 22-May-03 12:35:43

1) The Dog
2)Uncle Bulgaria, Mme Cholet, Orinoco....erm...
3)Nogbad the Bad
4)The Soupdragon and The Metal Chicken?
5) Roobarb dog and Custard Cat
6)Pogles wood
9)Idris the Dragon
10) Ermintrude the cow, Dylan the rabbit, Dougal dog
13)Wave goodbye
14)Hanbel, Jemima, Big Ted, Little Ted....
15)A magician, actually Victoria Wood's husband!

Mum2Toby Thu 22-May-03 12:42:39

Is Number 8 not:

Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrue, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub?

Tissy - was V. Woods hubby not called The Great Suprendo?

I didn't have a clue about the others?

Tissy Thu 22-May-03 12:53:39

Oops- sorry Victoria!!

Tissy Thu 22-May-03 12:54:16

14) Humpty!

Furball Thu 22-May-03 12:54:32

2. Also Tomsk.
4. The Iron Chicken
6. Alastair
10. Also Florence and Zebedee
14. Also Humpty

Finbar Thu 22-May-03 12:56:50

OOOh now you've got me thinking...

6)Crystaltips dog was Alistair

11) I can see them in my mind - they were always the bit of the Blue Peter annual you skipped!...were they Ping and Pong ?(perhaps not Pong!!!)

12) was it Marine boy ?( i think I may have had a crush on him!)

Tissy Thu 22-May-03 12:57:37

Ah, but Florence and Zebedee weren't animals

Who was the young womble?

XAusted Thu 22-May-03 12:57:43

2. Tobermory, Tomsk, Wellington
6. Alistair
10. Brian the Snail
14. Don't forget Humpty!

Bobsmum Thu 22-May-03 12:58:29

No 6 - Alistair
no 10 - and Brian the snail - But what was Zebedee anyway?
no 11 - and Humpty!

oh dear before my time !

Bobsmum Thu 22-May-03 12:59:27

doh - why am I such a slow typer now i look really daft

nerdgirl Thu 22-May-03 13:01:46

2) Great Uncle Bulgaria, Tobermory, Bungo, Orinoco,Tomsk, Wellington and Madame Cholet all chosen from Great Uncle Bulgarias old atlas.

sprout Thu 22-May-03 13:04:17

2. wasn't there a Bungle, too?

nerdgirl Thu 22-May-03 13:06:18

No Sprout. Bungle was on Rainbow. Bungo was on the Wombles.

ks Thu 22-May-03 13:07:37

Message withdrawn

XAusted Thu 22-May-03 13:09:39

What about the new wombles. Stepney and Alderney - are there any others?

RockingRosebud Thu 22-May-03 18:00:47

Oh bum, I was about to say Stepney.

tamum Thu 22-May-03 19:11:53

11) Bleep and Booster (not quite Ping and Pong, but nearly!)

tamum Thu 22-May-03 19:13:20

You were right about Marine Boy though Finbar (he did have lovely eyes, didn't he?)

batey Thu 22-May-03 19:47:54

8. Pew, Pew, Barney, McGrew,Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub..........How sad am I!!!!

Claireandrich Thu 22-May-03 20:17:57

You're doing real good here ladies. Let me know when you want the answers. I have had them sent to me today too.

BTW, Barney McGrew is just one person - not two.

Finbar Thu 22-May-03 21:18:09

tamum - thanks for sharing reminisces about marine was a long time ago - but aren't all the best romances!!!!

XAusted Thu 22-May-03 21:27:43

I had forgotten about Bleep and Booster. I used to get a Blue Peter book every Xmas.

Finbar Fri 23-May-03 12:24:03 you also got a Blue Peter book each you remember the one with the cat door stop made by Valerie Singleton?

Also , does anyone remember the Blue Peter 'Child' they followed - I think his name was Christopher ?
(i may be pushing against an open door here?!!!)

tamum Fri 23-May-03 12:36:17

Ooh Finbar, I think we must be twins separated at birth . The Blue Peter baby was called Daniel. I remember John Noakes and Peter Purves bathed him, and they had to apologise in the next program because there were loads of complaints as they had washed both his eyes with the same piece of cotton wool.
It's a wonder I can remember anything about my life at the moment, I've used up so many neurons on Blue Peter.

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