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Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:22:55


Yorkiegirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:24:18

Message withdrawn

magicroundabout Tue 07-Jun-05 16:25:50

where you going NBG??? sounds exciting!

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:26:08

I can choose from either Portugal, Canary Islands, The Balerics, Costa Del Sol or South of France!!!!

jessicasmummy Tue 07-Jun-05 16:26:35

Can i come?!

tiredemma Tue 07-Jun-05 16:27:46

which one are you going to choose? balearics are my fave.

Willow2 Tue 07-Jun-05 16:27:50

How did you win it?

compo Tue 07-Jun-05 16:28:25

was it one of those phone calls where you have to go to a ceremony to pick the holiday up?

tammybear Tue 07-Jun-05 16:29:04

congrats! how did you win?

Twiglett Tue 07-Jun-05 16:29:33

did you enter a competition to win a holiday .. because if you didn't and this call came out of the blue remember there's no such thing as a free lunch .. but if you did .. Congratulations have a fab time

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:29:48

I can take up to 6 people and I also get a hire car for the full duration of the holiday with unlimited mileage and full insurance.

The only catch is that each person who goes has to pay £35 for admin but whats that for a week abroad! DD goes free as well.

You know those questionaires you fill in when you go away either on the plane or at your resort, well thats where I got it from

jessicasmummy Tue 07-Jun-05 16:30:42

I WANT TO COME!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

LIZS Tue 07-Jun-05 16:32:39

Sounds great but this isn't a "we'll pay the accommodation if you pay the flights type" win , is it ?

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:32:45

Compo, What do you mean by ceremony?

I have to go to the travel agents (LCI) and book it, it has to be in the next 18 months.

I quite fancy France, Balerics and Portugal but I would imagine we'll ask BIL and Sil to come so I don't know.

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:34:03

No flights are paid for.

They have a choice of 5 and 4 star hotels, all inclusive and self catering.

Am so excited. DH is away this week and I can't get hold of him.

Janh Tue 07-Jun-05 16:34:26

Don't want to rain on your parade, NBG, but check the small print - it could have terms like you have to pay for meals in the hotel etc, or else accommodation is paid but flights aren't, or vice versa.

LIZS Tue 07-Jun-05 16:36:11

Do you get to choose exactly when , or select some dates and then you get notified nearer the time if it is still available.

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:36:34

I was very sceptical at first as was about to put the phone down but when he said how I won it I started to listen.

I made the guy run through it about ten times to make sure I wasn't being had!

tiredemma Tue 07-Jun-05 16:37:25

do you have to attend a sales presentation in resort? Which company is it with??

Thomcat Tue 07-Jun-05 16:37:46

Am very happy but also nervous for you.
i've heard of too many of these things.
My dad got a free holiday which ended up costing him a lot of money.
I've 'won' holidays before as well but never been anywhere.
I do hope I'm wrong andf that you have a lovley and free time.

How did you win it exactly btw?

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:37:46

I have to take it in the next 18 months and they have made an appointment for us on the 19th to go and book it but in the mean time they are sending a load of stuff out to us with brochures

Janh Tue 07-Jun-05 16:37:53

Well I hope it really is as good as it sounds and you all have a fab time!

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:38:49

Won it from one of those questinaires that you fill in on the plane or at a resort when you go abroad.

tribpot Tue 07-Jun-05 16:39:11

I don't know if it's the same firm, but worth checking out this link about Club La Costa.

Hope it's all legit and you have a great time, but just wanted to warn you.

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 16:40:27

I'll be gutted if they come out and say we've to pay some silly price but I did give the guy the third degree so it could be ok.

The travel company is LCI and he did say they were Apta and teh other thing approved so it might not be all bad. Am off to look them up now.

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