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Gwenick Tue 07-Jun-05 16:07:12

from your constipation thread

"I left you your very own message about the housework!"

Where, what did you say??????

Just for the record today I have

Done a 30 minute workout DVD, hoovered the entire house, ironed and put away the clothes, washed a load which is about to come off the line, and done a few other 'minor' bits and pieces.....

about to go and clean the bathroom and kitchen floors and I'll be done for the day

MRSflamesparrow Tue 07-Jun-05 16:46:29

Oooh, my very own thread!!

I left you a link on the constipation one.

You've done way way more than me today

I did some dishes, washed and hung out clothes, found my diningroom table (was hidden under a huge pile of random stuff), and started weeding my front path - then decided there were too many, and went and bought animal/child friendly weed killer!!

I have spent the rest of the day babysitting and doing banking/shops etc for the two of us.

I really should mop my floors when I get home too...

Tomorrow I have already written off, going out to play in the sun for the day!

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