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which supermarket/ brand does the best ....?

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puffling Sun 27-Sep-09 00:39:25

Am feeling insomniacal so thought soem random musings on the best food from all the supermarkets might be in order. here's what i've come up with:
best jam doughnuts by far - Sainsburys
best choc caramel squares - Sainsburys (unctious compared to Tescos)
Iberico Chorizo - Morrisons (melts in
mouth like butter)
grapefruit juice - M & S
childrens' ready meals - ASDA by far, cottage pie like home cooking (A Karmel ones rank in comparison)
fish fingers - M & S
Eccles Cakes - M & S

JustAnotherManicMummy Sun 27-Sep-09 01:48:19

Custard slice - Waitrose (Tesco ones taste and look horrible)

Erm... that's all I have.

tellnoone Sun 27-Sep-09 01:54:04

Egg custard (little custard tart things) - Tesco, all others including from proper bakers are horrible.

JustAnotherManicMummy Sun 27-Sep-09 02:00:05

That's wierd tellnoone that they can do a cracking Custard Tart but a rubbish Custard Slice.

I have heard someone else say about Tesco C. Tarts before.

<<Need to get a life - unrelated to custard- emoticon>>

KiBe Sun 04-Oct-09 14:23:11

rocky road - somerfield (better than gu!)
mini flapjack bites - waitrose
economy Jaffa Cakes - Sainsburys basics are great

i'm addicted to cakes and biscuits right now

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