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bedroom colours !!!!!!!

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mummyof2 Tue 07-Jun-05 11:41:37

Hi im in the process of decorating my bedroom and am not sure what colour to go foe or if i should have a theme.Iwas thinking of a chocolate brown and cream seems to be in at the moment.Wanted to know what colour you all have????

fairydust Tue 07-Jun-05 11:50:34

at the old house - we had a very pale chocolatre on three walls - then the main walls we had a dark chocolate brown.

Cream curtains.
Ceram bedding with a chocolate fur thrown and cushions.

Cream shag pile rugs.

Looked really nice and was the only room i missed in the house.

This house - is just plain cream walls and a pale green carpet so still looking for insperation

noddyholder Tue 07-Jun-05 11:53:30

I don't like that all neutral brown/cream that is in all the high st shops nearly every house we viewed when looking had that and it is quite common(sorry just my opinion)We have pale olive green walls with natural linen curtains coir flooring and indonesian style furniture Really relaxing All the bed line is plain white and I have a dark green silky throw on the bed

beansmum Tue 07-Jun-05 11:53:40

I have really dark blue on the wall behind the bed, and light blue on the other walls. white bed linen, blue quilt, blue striped curtains. it looks lovely, just finished it. Well ok, I still have only one curtain up, but I'm nearly done.

(I hate cream)

TracyK Tue 07-Jun-05 11:54:52

chocolate brown and cream is good - cos you can change it around with dusky pink or turquiose acessories - I think the laura ashley catalogue has examples of this colour combo.

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