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Libb Tue 07-Jun-05 11:27:05

Please could anyone share their experience of applying for Council Housing? I know each authority is different but just some guidelines would be good.

I am now on the housing register for the city in which I work, my only tie with the place. I am currently still having to live with the ex because private renting is expensive and finding a landlord that will accept housing benefit is almost impossible.

I have phoned them and they have informed me that I only have 5 points because I am not considered high priority - they have advised me to speak to a housing advice officer, which I did in the beginning of April! in their office . . . (ffs). So now they have asked to chase him again with the letter explaining my situation, this will be the 4th time.

I feel like I am getting nowhere fast and I am beginning to think I need to do something drastic to get a result, it doesn't help that ex's brother is coming back to the house in June and then the situation will be worse. Ex and his brother own the house between them but I have paid for several major works on the house and various other things - his brother has paid nothing so far.

Any advice would be most welcome, I think I am very niave about this situation so will welcome your experiences.

Thanks in advance! Libb

Mum2girls Tue 07-Jun-05 11:44:52

soz, no experience, but bumping for you.

coppertop Tue 07-Jun-05 11:49:19

In this area the sytem works by putting people in Bands depending on their current circumstances. Priority is given to those who are unintentionally homeless. You could ask your ex to write a letter saying he is evicting you but there is the risk that you will be housed temporarily in a B&B. The next priority is for those who are overcrowded or are sharing facilities. You may have a good chance there, especially if your ex's brother is due to be moving in. I think you may have to dress it up a bit more IYSWIM but without actually lying. You will probably also have to be as flexible as possible wrt where you would be willing to move to.

coppertop Tue 07-Jun-05 15:35:56


Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 15:45:53

Have you told them that your x's brother will be moving back and that they own the house?

If not I would mention it. Surely that would be a good reason to bump you up iykwim.

Other than that I have no experience or advice but wishing you lots of luck.

Libb Tue 07-Jun-05 18:31:46

Thanks guys, I was going to write them a letter today but was too fuming so will do it tomorrow. It just peeves me that I have sought advice from the housing needs senior officer about my rights in the house and am still waiting for this letter that covers the points in our meeting. I will e-mail him for the 4th time and this time CC to the young lad I chatted to today, god forbid that they may actually start communicating within the same building!

swivellyscooter Tue 07-Jun-05 18:38:01

Agree that you do need to paint the worst case scenario on forms but without lying, and also keep on and on at the authorities so they get to know your name. I originally had only 1 point when I was on a housing list but ended up in a 5 bed newly built house. My situation was different to yours (I won't bore you with the details) but my case shows that things CAN work out in the end.

Good luck.

nutcracker Tue 07-Jun-05 18:45:35

Oh Libb 5 points is crap for any council I think.

I was under birmingham city council and with 1000 points I got offered a grotty masionette.

Ok erm I agree that you should say about bil coming back and them owning the house because he could effectivly try and make you homeless.

Have the council nominated you to housing associations do you know ??? You probably stand a better chance with them.

Libb Tue 07-Jun-05 19:47:23

I have contacted 1 housing association direct and they said their lists were closed until March 2006 and they only take nominations from the Council in my circumstance.

I have an appointment with a housing association but it is just a 1 bed scenario and then the council will take it a bit more seriously if I am there - but they also have no vacancies. Cmbridge is a tough nut to crack and I have lived out of it for 2 years, although I did live and work there for 7 years beforehand - my job is my only official bind but my friends are there and there are direct train lines to my parents.

Going back home would have to be a real last resort because they are slap bang in the Broadlands of Norfolk and it is very rural - I would also have to give up this job (a secure and reasonably well paid one) and then be unable to claim benefits because of it . . .

I am really niave aren't I? can I even spell the word? [wry smile]

nutcracker Tue 07-Jun-05 20:11:22

Am not sure how their points system works but I think 5 points are just basic points given because you are on the list, dosen't sound like they have given you anything else. You can get points for relationship breakdown i think, so ask about that.

You really need it in writing how many points you have and what they are for. Also they should have a booklet offering advice on rehousing and this should have all h/a's in too. Make sure they have nominated you to all h/a's. Even if they have it is still worth ringing round them all. I did manage to find one that would accept me directly even though I was also on the council list.

Really the fact that you work in the area should be a big factor, moving out of the area would render you jobless and on benefits and so imo it should count for alot.

If you would still consider private renting then stick an add in your local free ad thingy stating that the lanlord would need to accept benfits, it's a long shot but you never know, inbclude that you work too.

If i think of anymore i'll let you know.

Libb Tue 07-Jun-05 21:23:00

Thanks Nutcracker - this helps a lot. I resorted to losing my temper and kicking various household cupboards and screaming blue murder tonight - this house is a s**thole and to be honest a bedsit would be more presentable - ex is a lazy arse and I have tried my hardest to turn it around but I am a one man band. We have grease climbing the walls in the kitchen and carpets that are at least 20 years old everywhere, the underlay has disintegrated.

He and his brother rented it from the housing assoc. until they were given the right to buy, they did this but the brother sodded off to New Zealand. Ex pays the mortgage on his own but I always covered the food and household essentials, car tax, phone, elec. etc etc. His mortgage payments are half the childcare costs and I covered those on my own too (I also paid for the house to be rewired and recently the water tank went so that cost me £400 because he didn't have it, had we been on our own I would've told him where to go but DS is my priority) - am now in debt so some private landlords will see my credit rating and turn me down. I also found out recently that we have no household insurance at all, his mobile phone is however.

I am such an idiot and in a foul mood tonight. Ignore my ranting! I tend to vent spleen every now and again.

bubblerock Tue 07-Jun-05 21:40:44

Hi Libb, sounds really frustrating for you, I just wanted to say that when I was looking at HA and Council Housing they said you are not entitled if you have a share in a house - I know you haven't in theory but I'd be selective in what you tell the council about how much you have contributed to your Ex's house incase they believe you have a claim in the property.

I have absolutely no knowledge of this at all and it's just an observation, it may make no difference whatsoever but just a thought

Hope you find a solution soon - I'll stop waffling now

Flossam Tue 07-Jun-05 21:52:08

Ohh, Libb poor you. How cr*p that no headway has still been made with this. I'm sorry I haven't seen you around much recently, haven't had a chat for a while. Really feeling for you right now though. Sounds like you need a big cuddle! Hope you and gorgeous DS are well. xxx

Libb Tue 07-Jun-05 23:24:49

Anyone else with some advice? I am floundering big time right now and can't seem to see the end of this particular tunnel. ex and I have been at each others throats tonight.

I am ashamed to say I lost it tonight and kicked a cupboard hard just before DS went to bed - he cried out, I cuddled and soothed him (hasten to add that he settled down for his night just the same). However the cutlery drawer doesn't shut so well now -

Now feel like an angry maelstrom because of where his life decision has put us.

Flossam Wed 08-Jun-05 09:59:21

Oh, Libb. Didn't realise it was that bad last night, so sorry. Hope this will bump this up for you to get some more answers anyone? xxx

Flossam Wed 08-Jun-05 15:19:48

Bump for Libb again so that when she gets home from work she has lots of things to be doing to help her find a flat!

coppertop Wed 08-Jun-05 18:28:27

another bump!

Libb Wed 08-Jun-05 18:45:50

Thanks guys, you are stars both of you xxxx

I was just in a cranky mood and feelign sorry for myself - last night ex's mum came online from New Zealand - she is on my MSN. Not only is ex's brother coming back but she and her husband are coming over for a holiday too! she doesn't know anything yet . . . they will all be here in 2 weeks - yoikes!

His brother has known for the last 3 months and not said a word to her - this is why I find them such an odd family, there is no communication between any of them. Ex has been avoiding her calls, so when she mailed me I couldn't ignore her again. She is so lovely - probably saddest about losing her as a "mother in law" most of all!

starrynight Wed 08-Jun-05 18:50:52

This is only my experience but 8 or 9 years ago (so housing situation wasn't as bad as it is now) I was on a housing list as had left private rented accom with toddler due to threatening landlord (police were involved) and so become homeless. Even in this situation I was considered as 'voluntary homeless' and although had a fair few points I was told that unless I lived in a hostel for a few years I really had no chance of ever being housed.

So...I got up and moved a 100 miles away from my home in order to be able to afford a home for my daughter and I. Drastic - but the best decision I ever made as we have been living a settled life ever since. If it looks like housing is not an option then maybe you have to look at other options?

Tortington Thu 09-Jun-05 00:35:47

you need to go to CAB. you need to write regular letters and you need to phone asking for an update 2-3 times a week. you need to paint the worst casr scenario - does your child have asthma or anxiety not helped by the surroundings or atmosphere at home - are you worried that youtr childs health may suffer becuase of the arguing - do you need to ask the doctor for a referal to a child psychologist - this info could then go to council.

can you tell the council about terrible verbal abuse at home - can you tellt he doctor this - are you feeling depressed?

get your ex to send a letter saying hes selling up and sodding off to newzealand with brother.

sounds like you are stressed - stress is a medical condition - go to your doctor then get him/her to write to council in support of your application.

are there all night wild drug taking parties which are unsuitable for your child to witness? it really does depend on how high your moral fiber is in this kindo f situation - the people you are "competing" Against for a property - well i guess 90% of them prolly know the system inside out. i personally have no problem with embellishing as much as i need to to get my kids in a safe home environment suitable for a stable upbrnging - based on my criteria....however its up to you.

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