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JJ Wed 21-May-03 20:55:19

Guessing this isn't going to get a whole lot of responses, but anyone else addicted?

Where is Dream Academy?

(goodbye.... doo doo doo, doo doo do do) [Semi-Charmed Life, for those of you that can't decipher my singing. Latest download.. oh, no, wait, just got A Little Less Conversation. Must... buy... more....]

alibubbles Wed 21-May-03 21:10:04

My 15 year old DS is addicted and he should be revising for his GCSE's. I have bought him an iPod for his birthday in June, but don't think he'll get it until after the last exam as he'll be on Itunes forever downloading

Bobsmum Wed 21-May-03 22:42:30

Haven't visited yet but have a very hungry demand fed iPod. any recommendations?

JJ Fri 23-May-03 20:03:59

Oooh, alibubbles, how cruel but what incentive! Bobsmum, my husband ripped all our cds to mp3s which was quite a project (although we don't have huge amounts of cds), but it built up the library quite a bit. I never realized how many songs you can put on an iPod (um, you probably know this already, but it was news to me, so...) mine currently has 755 songs on it. And, as I type is growling, "feed me, feed me". Off for more shopping (it's soo cheap -- 99 cents (approx 66 pence?) a song.

Just a warning: some songs don't bear repeated listening. Just because you loved it in your youth, doesn't mean it doesn't really suck. (ok, substitute "I" for "you" and "my" for "your" ) Where are those earphones?

alibubbles Fri 23-May-03 22:20:46

DS says he has over 800 tunes already stored on iTunes, said, just think how many more you can put on an iPod! I have bought the 20 gb one, well I ordered the 10 gb and it was out of stock for over a month, I moaned saying it was for DS's birthday and they had failed me, so they sent me the 20gb for the same price!

He doesn't know it has arrived, tee hee! I have also bought obe for myself and am being sooo restrained by not opening it yet, otherwise DS won't do any work!

Have now promised him an iBook for the 6th form, thinks that is so cool, iBook/iPod!

JJ Fri 23-May-03 22:36:35

Sad to say that I got my husband the new one for Christmas last year, knowing that I would get his old one. Hee hee.. he was going to get me one, but I thought he'd appreciate the latest and greatest whereas I can't tell the difference.

You guys have Airport, right? Ooh, I love talking Macs.

Wait, you've bought an iPod and are not using it? What are you, crazy?

My husband came by earlier and told me that I was "taunting" you all with the iTunes store because it only accepts US credit cards. Honestly, not my intention. That's why I thought no one would reply.

Any chance you want to join a protein folding project? Oh my god! I'm advertising. Still a fun thing, though. It's all done on downtime.

alibubbles Sat 24-May-03 08:58:54

JJ, yep, we have 4 mac's on airport, a pc laptop and shortly my new iBook all on broadband too!

DH can't believe I have just bought a new iBook, I used to moan about macs as I had been used to a pc, but would n't chanage anything now.

Dying to open the iPod, but know what DS son is like, he gets obsessed and everything else goes out the window, oh well, his birthday is only 20 days away!

What is protein folding (at the risk of being thick!)?

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