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GoldenSnitch Fri 25-Sep-09 16:48:35

I've had a look through old threads but can't find anything about this company posted recently, it's all a few years old, so I thought I'd try to get some up-to-date reviews.

Basically, they're selling the Phil & Teds Sport buggy I want really cheap (£339.99 with the doubles kit included) but after a close shave with another online baby retailer, I'm a little cautious about ordering expensive baby gear online.

Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with Kiddicare recently? Am I better off spending a little more and getting the buggy from somewhere else?

Flamesparrow Fri 25-Sep-09 16:50:12

I got a car seat from them about 6 months ago and all was good.

GoldenSnitch Fri 25-Sep-09 16:52:20

Thanks Flamesparrow

DH keeps saying we could just drive to the shop but it's an hour and a quarter away! I'd rather spend an extra £25 and get it from somewhere local!

StrictlyAvadaKedavra Fri 25-Sep-09 16:52:55

Kiddicare are good

norktasticninja Fri 25-Sep-09 16:53:41

I ordered a few things in March, all was well. No problems at all.

AFAIK they are generally well thought of.

Rindercella Fri 25-Sep-09 16:54:09

I have ordered several things from Kiddicare in the past and have never had a problem.

4andnotout Fri 25-Sep-09 17:04:07

I bought the pink p&t sport package from them and it was quickly delivered, and when i noticed that one if the straos was fraying they sent a whole new seat fabric free of charge and within a week or so. I think they are good value for money and excellent customer service

Wilts Fri 25-Sep-09 17:04:47

I have used them in the past and all was fine

Plonker Fri 25-Sep-09 17:15:14

Fantastic! I have used them loads and have found them to be great, with really competitive prices smile

AitchTwoToTangOh Fri 25-Sep-09 17:16:48

apart from the fact that they sponsor Jordan's latest show... they're great imo.

Besom Fri 25-Sep-09 17:21:17

I've also had stuff in the last six months. Came quick, no problems.

alittlebitshy Fri 25-Sep-09 17:24:04

I agree - all good.

GoldenSnitch Fri 25-Sep-09 17:26:08

This is good news

Not sure why they are linked to TwoLeftFeet in my head but for some reason I always treat the two with the same level of distrust.

GoldenSnitch Fri 25-Sep-09 18:26:02

Any more? No-one has had a bad experience?

GoldenSnitch Fri 25-Sep-09 20:44:17

Seems I killed my own thread!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Fri 25-Sep-09 20:51:56

I've ordered a few times with them and been really pleased with the prices, speed of delivery and quality of goods. Never had any need to test their customer services!

GoldenSnitch Fri 25-Sep-09 21:04:29

I did read a few bad reviews but they were all years old - looks like they've sorted themselves out.

becknsteve Sat 26-Sep-09 20:34:32

We ordered a travel system from them in the January sales. No problems with ordering or delivery, but in May (when the baby was finally born) we opened the buggy and discovered the arm-rest covers were missing. No big deal, but annoying. I was just going to shrug it off since we'd had it months (within 28 days I'd have complained so we really should have opened and checked it earlier) but DH insisted on contacting them anyway. Sure enough, they got the manufacterers to send us new ones! I was impressed!

And they're cheap

GoldenSnitch Sun 27-Sep-09 18:28:47

After all your wonderful reviews of Kiddicare - a shop local to me has agreed to price match!

Feel like I should support a local business...

Hopefully, this will help someone else though

norktasticninja Tue 29-Sep-09 08:46:30

That's great! The best of both worlds smile

GoldenSnitch Tue 29-Sep-09 18:28:26

Yep, went and ordered it today! Very excited

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