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Excited - our first 'big' ad campaign...........

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Gwenick Tue 07-Jun-05 00:22:56

is starting on Sunday.

OK most of you probably won't hear it, but we're having 4 x 30 second adverts - for 2 weeks, on Premier Christian Radio (not cheap ) but it's available on the 'normal' radio (think mainly SE and London), online, NTL, Freeview and Sky!!!!

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 00:25:03


Whats it for?

Gwenick Tue 07-Jun-05 00:27:37

our business

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 07-Jun-05 00:28:41

Whats your business?

Gwenick Tue 07-Jun-05 01:02:37

Don't want to get my wrists slapped (again) for free advertising on here - but I'll give you a big clue (you can use google uk to help you find it)

If you like GOing to AFRICA........

we sell African Furniture and Furnishings, most of it handmade (think we calculated around 80% of stuff currently available handmade

sallystrawberry Tue 07-Jun-05 01:05:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gwenick Tue 07-Jun-05 09:28:24

Thanks Strawberry - it's nice to know people are still looking at it

cod Tue 07-Jun-05 09:32:01

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Tue 07-Jun-05 09:35:51

If you read what it says on the page it says


They're all going to be 'changed' by Sunday anyhow, got about 87 sets to put on there (suppose I should get on with it LOL.....)

lemonice Tue 07-Jun-05 09:48:32

I hope it goes well for you, Gwenick

TracyK Tue 07-Jun-05 09:49:23

tee hee - just having a look now!

zipzip Tue 07-Jun-05 09:57:04

Good luck with it!

Gwenick Tue 07-Jun-05 09:58:37

thanks - we're just hoping we get some sales from £25 for ONE 30 second ad!!!!!..................

cityofmarvels Tue 07-Jun-05 17:17:28

Gwenick would you like to exchange links - I think we might have similar customers but very different products.

Gwenick Tue 07-Jun-05 18:11:42

what do you sell city????

You can CAT me if you like

cityofmarvels Tue 07-Jun-05 18:16:19

Hi Gwenick

We are mumsnet discount partners in the list at the top of the page and we have also just put an advert in the small business board which I will now diligently go and fetch (any excuse) - it's very difficult to get any posts on those thread so you end up with a rather geeky thread on which you are the only one to post LOL.

Check out the website if you have time and you can contact me through the contact us on there if you were interested.

It was just a thought, no worries.

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