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ideas for silver wedding gift please

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triplets Mon 06-Jun-05 23:22:05

Its my childrens godparents silver wedding a/v on the 20th, would like to get them something unusual, without breaking the bank. They are fairly well off, so seems like there is nothing they don`t have. Any ideas please?

jessicasmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 23:23:01

a silver carriage clock isnt unuasual but its what i got my mum and dad for thiers

helsi Mon 06-Jun-05 23:23:03

a fruit tree?

a garden bench?

garden ornament?

sorry prob not very good but its late for me!

sunchowder Mon 06-Jun-05 23:23:46

How about a sundial?

zipzip Mon 06-Jun-05 23:27:17

Could you put together a special photo album for them?

Hazellnut Tue 07-Jun-05 08:21:20

silver birch tree ?

triplets Tue 07-Jun-05 09:37:59

Thanks all, a garden something or other is a good idea, though they are not into trees, they have butchered all of theirs! Perhaps I can find a rose, something special.

cod Tue 07-Jun-05 09:38:52

Message withdrawn

Hazellnut Tue 07-Jun-05 09:52:22

you can usually find roses which are called things like silver wedding .....

Hazellnut Tue 07-Jun-05 09:55:36

e.g. silverflowers . You can tell I should be cleaning !

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