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paypal-have paid seller twice-help!

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merglemergle Mon 06-Jun-05 22:23:57

I've just paid a seller twice for one item. Not sure how this happened but I have 2 reciepts.

What do I do? If they refund me my money, do they have to pay fees?


mummytummy Mon 06-Jun-05 22:50:10

This happened to me before on two occasions on the same day. Just send them an e-mail. They don't have to pay anything to return a payment, and if they don't return the payment, you can leave them really bad feedback, which they probably don't want to risk.

pixiefish Mon 06-Jun-05 23:09:15

email them and ask them to return the payment. If they don't then contact PAypal and tell them what's happened and they'll refund your payment

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