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flies in the windows

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estelle31 Thu 24-Sep-09 13:10:11

I need some help. Myself & husband live in army quarters which is owned by a cilivan company. I complained when first arrived (9 months ago) about flies living in the window frames. I was told to fill the drainage holes with wire wool and spray fly spray...Done. However everytime the windows are closed for a couple of days the little horrors desend upon us as soon as the windows are opened. Every week I spray the frames. I decided to complain again and kept the 50 dead beats (from one attack) as proof. Two women came round and basically said "yeah it happens all we can suggest is you replace the wire wool with scouring pads and keep spraying. we will speak to our boss and maybe the pest controll will come out but he will just say the same thing."
I dont understand is this company supposed to be obligated to do something? What else can I do? Can I find someone from the enviromental health and complain to them?
My baby is due in January will I have more of a say with a child?
I am sorry for the long thread first time on one.(blush)

JeminTheDungeon Thu 24-Sep-09 13:12:10

I don't understand this..sorry...

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