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Going to a 21st on Halloween, need costume ideas... inspire me..

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mamadiva Thu 24-Sep-09 08:22:08

I need to go to a friend's 21st on Halloween and it is obviously fancy dress so I need some ideas.

I do have a budget of about £30 and don't want to end up going as something that everyone does I.E zombie, clown, witch and so on.

My main issue is that I am a fat buggerplus size lady so must be appropriate to that

So far the only idea I have managed to come up with is Robin Hood but having problems finding some sort of green top, I can get green tights, hat cheap enough and I have brown boots but I need something long that can be used as a dress and cut along the bottom.

Hmm not sure if I'm talking Robin Hood or Peter Pan now

Anyway help me with this or with another costumes please!

mamadiva Thu 24-Sep-09 08:36:54


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