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Post going missing

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DelGirl Mon 06-Jun-05 14:17:23

Has anyone else had or have a problem with their post? I've had items not turn up when the people who've sent them swears they have. Not sure if there's anything I can do is there cos if they don't have proof of posting I don't really have a leg to stand on, do I?

Yorkiegirl Mon 06-Jun-05 14:18:35

Message withdrawn

DelGirl Mon 06-Jun-05 14:20:34

Bother! One item was off a mner, wonder if it was the same person, hmmmm!

alibubbles Mon 06-Jun-05 17:26:06

I have taken to using recorded, signed for, for anything other than letters now, it is only 69 pence and you know that it has arrived, and can be tracked.

starlover Mon 06-Jun-05 17:28:26

you can contact royal mail regarding missing mail. you have to send them a description of it and they will see if they have it (or so they say), you can also claim compensation even if it wasn't sent recorded or anything.

starlover Mon 06-Jun-05 17:28:44

tbh i would contact them, in case you have a dodgy postman who is stealing stuff

jangly Mon 06-Jun-05 17:31:25

You can get a certificate of posting for free. Just ask when you hand the parcel over. You can claim up to £200 if it goes missing.

jangly Mon 06-Jun-05 17:32:14

I know that doesn't help you Delgirl! Definitely contact the post office.

lemonice Mon 06-Jun-05 17:33:17

I send a lot of packets and parcels and i've found that if they are not received then you will find them if you go in person to your local sorting office and ask if they have it - they do not always leave a card and telephoning is rarely as effective. I get free proof of posting for every one sent but as I send a lot they become self insured so not worth me paying the extra for Recorded generally. I have only lost one in the post in the last 15 months.

HTH of course if the parcel wasn't sent at all then that is different.

Tabs Mon 06-Jun-05 17:44:15

I believe it has to be the person who sent the mail that complains, rather than the person who should have received it, so you might want to get them to get in touch with the PO.

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