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leaving kids in the house on their own for about half an hour.....9 and 10

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cutekids Tue 22-Sep-09 09:55:46 sooo many questions this morning lol.i've got a dental appointment for dd1 (11)this afternoon.takes about 5 minutes from my house.however,meantime,my other two-as in title-will be arriving home.would i be breaking the law to leave them in the house for approx.30 mins?....they do have a mobile to call me on.

GypsyMoth Tue 22-Sep-09 09:58:32

dont think there i a law to break on this one. depends on how you feel they can cope.

admylin Tue 22-Sep-09 10:01:45

I'd leave mine for half an hour. If you trust them not to invite their best friends in and not to fight - why not?

cutekids Tue 22-Sep-09 10:01:59

I do trust them...just a bit nervy about things although I know they're not stupid.

ScummyMummy Tue 22-Sep-09 10:06:27

No law- up to you to assess their readiness to stay alone safely. fwiw, my 10 year olds came home to an empty house as a one off for the 1st time last week and were fine. We were away about an hour. They got peeved at the number of times we phoned to see if they were ok though!

cutekids Tue 22-Sep-09 10:08:11

ok.thanks everyone.soooooo glad mumsnet's here sometimes.just needed a bit of reassurance that i was doing anything really stupid.although i too will probably be ringing them every 10 minutes lol smile

cutekids Tue 22-Sep-09 10:08:39

wasn't not was lol

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