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Star Wars mania - share your child's obsession here...

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Marina Mon 06-Jun-05 12:44:18

Is anyone else getting seriously fed up of Darth Vader and co?
Ds hasn't even seen Revenge of the Sith or any of the films yet for that matter, but it doesn't stop him being completely obsessed with the whole saga.
At the weekend he was drawing a birthday card for a little friend. Recognisable picture of Darth Vader wielding light sabre appeared.
I suggested he added a speech bubble, thinking "May the Force be With You" might be nice for a birthday card.
Great idea, chirps ds. Shall I write (switches to very convincing Darth Vader voice) "Don'"?
I said I thought maybe not.
Who else is sharing their bathroom/breakfast table/trips out with non-stop Star Wars patter/scenarios/requests for merchandise?

mrsflowerpot Mon 06-Jun-05 12:48:38

me me me.

Ds is only 4.5 and has only seen snatches of the original film and the pod race bit from episode 1 - but he has a totally encyclopaedic knowledge of the whole saga. We are drowning in a sea of star wars Lego at the moment, and I'm spending half my life crawling around on the floor looking for tiny lego light sabers etc that have gone missing.

puddle Mon 06-Jun-05 12:52:38

I've just crumbled and DS saw the last of the first 3 films (Return of the jedi????) at the weekend. All they had in the video shop so we're watching it all in the wrong order. He was in a FRENZY of excitement watching it. I kept trying to concentrate on the plot but was distracted by Carrie Fishers make up (so much of it! In a forest!) and what an unattractive man Mark Hamill grew into. I had only seen the first ever film.

Anyway, much talk of "lightsavers" since. Quite good to watch the last one first - it kind of humanises Darth Vader at the end. DS wasn't scared anyway.

noddyholder Mon 06-Jun-05 12:55:30

ds is 11 and star wars crazy atm also been obsessed with yu gi oh the matrix and spiderman

Gobbledigook Mon 06-Jun-05 12:57:26

Puddle - Mark Hamill was actually in a serious accident (car I think) inbetween films and had damage to his face.

I think...

puddle Mon 06-Jun-05 12:59:38

Gobbledigook - oh no! I hope that's not true. I thought he was just one of those v good looking youngish men who went to seed quite early on- bit like David Cassidy.

Gobbledigook Mon 06-Jun-05 13:00:32

LOL! I'm pretty sure it's true - might have to google now to get my story straight!

tiredemma Mon 06-Jun-05 13:05:16

me aswell, ds1 age 4.5 has the trilogy which he watches relgiously every evening, a box of dressing up clothes which consists solely of a darth vader outfit and yoda.
various light sabers dotted around bedroom, and he often talks about the characters as if they are family friend, by dropping them into conversations ie - do you think anakin kenobe would like to go to the wacky warehouse mummy?

he has not seen the new film yet, i thought it was a 12???

tiredemma Mon 06-Jun-05 13:06:13

sorry, doesnt watch the whole triology every evening obviously. dur!

Mosschops30 Mon 06-Jun-05 13:06:42

Message withdrawn

zaphod Mon 06-Jun-05 13:09:03

Ever since the last movie was released there has been war in the house for the small light sabres you can get in certain Kelloggs cereals. They have been eating massive amounts of the stuff, to get the next box. Then, they fight over whose turn it is to get the sabre, my dd actually sold hers to ds1 for 3Euro!!!!!. When it was ds2's turn, it was a colour that wasn,t cool, so he sulked for hours. Ds3 who is only 3, also wants the red one, but that is the one that ds1 bought from dd........... and so the battle rages on.....Star Wars is aptly named....

WideWebWitch Mon 06-Jun-05 13:09:56

Ha ha Marina! Hey, I have a Star Wars mad boy too, we have a million figures, fixing the light sabres, which are the size of a matchstick and just but more delicate is getting on MY NERVES! Show your Star Wars mad children this,Sith Sense, it's impressive!

WideWebWitch Mon 06-Jun-05 13:10:21

Oh, don't click that at work if you're not in a private office, it makes a noise!

flobbleflobble Mon 06-Jun-05 13:13:45

I went to a nature art workshop last Friday - one kid had painted "star wars dragonflies"
I asked him about the painting - both dragonflies had dark sides(literally)& the colours were inspired by a light sabre battle...

Very creative

Blu Mon 06-Jun-05 13:21:51

DS is 3 (but nearly 4) and has only seen a small clip of the one with Jah Jah Binks in it, which he had to stop watching as was terrified of some underwater monsters.
Nevertheless, he is living entirely swathed in a piece of black muslin (free gift sarong thing from Marie Claire years ago) being Darth Vader, and this morning fell down the stairs because he couldn't see properly through it, AND tripped over it.
DP has bought him an awful telescopic light sabre thing, which has nearly caused us to split up, and was the source of a major to-do between DS and I last week when he wanted to take it in to a friends house for a b'day party. He said he didn't want to go to the party if he couldn't atke the bloody thing, but eventually relented from Big Scene when I explained that the reason that it is not POLITE to take inter-galactic weaponry into people's houses is that the small toddlers might get hurt.

amynnixmum Mon 06-Jun-05 13:24:02

DH and I took our dd 6 1/2 and ds 4 1/2 and they loved it. We all like Star Wars in our house but I do get sick of the light sabre battles

Blu Mon 06-Jun-05 13:25:30

Oh, and Mr Bossykate has become an icon of sheer genius in DS's eyes because he is perceived as An Expert on all the storylines and characters! (or rather when faced with a q i can't answer - i.e ALL of them, I say 'you'll have to ask Bossyboy's dad'.

Is there no area of our lives unaffected?

puddle Mon 06-Jun-05 13:26:02

Blu my ds was playing with those this weekend at a friends house - I had to retrieve dd. She was sitting on the floor between them howling "I want to watch the fighting" as I removed her. Sigh.

Blu Mon 06-Jun-05 13:26:36

LOL Puddle

AnnieSG Mon 06-Jun-05 14:03:26

Ha, I have a funny kind of gratitude to the whole thing. My ds is six and he LOVES it. Has only seen the old ones so far, and I'm too horrid and prim to take him to see the 12A (not being judgmental of y'all who do)but the great thing is that I loved them all years ago and his dad didn't. So for the first time EVER I am considered to be quite cool. We have long conversations about them, which has actually made us really close! He said to me the other day, 'Mummy, I don't mind if you see the new one. Then you can tell me all about it afterwards!'

Marina Mon 06-Jun-05 14:10:50

Ds loves bossydad to distraction because he knows about JudgeDredd, Blu
LOL at BoyBlu and the sarong!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 06-Jun-05 14:11:13

<<big groan>>

dd saw it at 18 months and was glued.

the biggest child in the house (DH,34) is also the biggest fan though. He wanted to call ds Darth. As it goes we did choose a relatively Star Warsy name for him which is why he chose it (not why i chose it though)

AnnieSG Mon 06-Jun-05 14:13:02

I'm hoping it is Luke and not Jabba the Hut!

Marina Mon 06-Jun-05 14:13:44

SP. There is a sweet little child at dd's nursery called Aragorn...

tiredemma Mon 06-Jun-05 14:14:04

can i take ds (4) to watch it? i thought it was a 12???

(dont know whether i want you to say yes or no- ds would be overjoyed if he could go, but id rather stick pins in my eyes than sit through it)

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