Washing machine not spinning?

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breeze Wed 21-May-03 10:39:17

My washing machine has just started not spinning whatsoever during the cycle, all the clothes are coming out soaked but not cleaned. Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this and found it cheaper/easier to either get it replaced or repaired.

Carmel Wed 21-May-03 10:42:39

Its hard to say without looking but it sounds like the belt has come off which is cheap to repair. If you fancy going into the back of the machine!

morocco Wed 21-May-03 11:10:31

yes, sounds like the belt to me as well - should be v easy to repair yourself (well in theory) as it's prob not broken or anything, just come off the 'runners' or whatever they are called. My washing machine was v old but when I did it, I just took the back off (honestly v easy just unscrew it - hardest bit was cleaning all the muck off the floor that had been accumulating unseen)and put the belt back on.

Girly Wed 21-May-03 11:13:01

Breeze, what have you done! Mine has stopped doing it too! It must of happened while we were chatting earlier!

mears Wed 21-May-03 11:49:20

Soory - don't agree with belt I have had experience also of this and it was the 'brushes'. Easily replaced, not too expensive. Be prepared for the man telling you that you are overloading the machine, yeah, yeah.......

edgarcat Wed 21-May-03 11:51:43

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Wed 21-May-03 11:53:36

Message withdrawn

StuartC Wed 21-May-03 12:02:52

I doubt that the belt has come off the pulleys. If so, the wash cycle would not work either.
The belt could be stretched and need replacing (tight enough for the wash but not for the speed of the spin).
Can't disagree with the comment about the brushes (don't let them try to sell you a new motor).

doormat Wed 21-May-03 12:07:49

Agree with mears it sounds like the brushes to me. You can buy them yourself (they were about £12 a few years ago) and they easily fitted.

StuartC Wed 21-May-03 12:11:00

Edgarcat - save yourself some dosh - wash underwired bras in one of those little laundry "delicates" bags with all the holes.
We've paid for two repairs due to underwires, but none since we started using the bags.

mears Wed 21-May-03 12:13:02

Mine is not spinning because there is no washing in it! (As I have just been reminded by DH.)So better go!

mears Wed 21-May-03 12:13:27

Mine is not spinning because there is no washing in it! (As I have just been reminded by DH.)So better go!

breeze Wed 21-May-03 12:15:23

Thanks, I will get Dh to look at that this afternoon.

PandaBear Wed 21-May-03 12:19:24

Our machine stopped spinning when DD was 4 months old (nightmare!!). My DH looked at the brushes and it wasn't them. In our case the mother board for the machine had a fault and it worked out only a little more expensive to buy a new machine!! Sorry to sound pessimisstic - definitely check the brushes first.

breeze Wed 21-May-03 13:56:35

Ok got the back off and the belt is still in place, so next check the brushes, any idea where they are?

breeze Wed 21-May-03 14:19:39

DH seems to think that it may be the motor as the whole things still works as normal except for the machine doesn't turn at all. Those who suggested the brushes, was this the case with yours.

PandaBear Wed 21-May-03 14:50:07

My DH is an engineer so knows a bit about these things and that was the first thing he suggested when our machine stopped spinning. Like yours, everything else worked ok.

breeze Wed 21-May-03 15:23:02

Thanks for all your help, when dh and I moved in together we had 2 of everything, and had his old one in the shed, we managed to swap them over, it is very old and I am sure Fred Flintstone will want it back soon, but in the meantime at least I have a washing machine.

Linnet Wed 21-May-03 21:35:35

This happened to me a couple of months ago. Dh checked the filter and discovered that one of dd's socks had somehow got sucked into the pipe and was blocking it so that the machine was trying to spin and drain the water but it wasn't happening because of the blockage. He removed the sock and some gunk and some pennies, funny how they always get in there even though I check all pockets twice! and it's been fine ever since, touch wood. Reading your post again my problem sounds slightly different from yours, mine was trying to spin and wouldn't drain, but a warning to all that socks can somehow get into the pipe.

Bossanova Wed 21-May-03 22:01:37

Mine did this and it was the pump! The easy way to tell is if you lay the outlet pipe down (preferably in a washing up bowl or two to catch the water!) and if when some of the water has gone the machine starts spinning then you know that it's because the water isn't pumping out. Hope this helps.

zebra Wed 21-May-03 22:18:25

Our machine has stopped spinning because something got behind the drum (remove top to access), or the water wasn't draining due to clogged filters or pump (turn over and look underneath to access) -- so far, we have managed to fix it every time. Much to MIL's disappointment; she's convinced we should just buy a new machine.

Batters Thu 22-May-03 07:24:38

Breeze, mine did this because I hadn't cleaned the filter for about 6 months. I know a lovely washing machine repair man in SW London if that's any help.....

mears Thu 22-May-03 11:29:50

Breeze - that was what happened with ours. It would go through the cycle but just not spin. The brushes are located on the motor. They slot in either side. The supply wires plug into the brushes, which then drives the motor. Best to try that first. You can easily get them from a washing machine repair shop - phone first with your model number and they will tell you if they have them. MAKE SURE YOU UNPLUG THE MACHINE FIRST.

ZsaZsa Thu 22-May-03 12:16:02

This will 'elp you

Zsa Zsa

mears Tue 03-Jun-03 00:14:10

Breeze - this thread must have jinxed me. Went to empty the machine and it was still full of water. Would not spin. Dh checked brushes - totally knackered. Repalce them today and machine is working perfectly. What happened with yours?

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