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SenoraPostrophe Mon 06-Jun-05 09:39:58

I didn't want to post on the "who p*sses you off thread because it's making me feel more and more uncomformable. I have posted on it because I'm such a hypocrite, but anyway....

To anyone I have pissed off - sorry. It was probably because the argument in my head didn't translate itself to the keyboard properly, but might have been because I am a bit spikey sometimes.

You're all lovely really.

PS Lonelymum - I posted something about you on that thread, and it probably came accross as more aggressive than i meant it to. All I meant was that you can be very contraversial at times.

mytwopenceworth Mon 06-Jun-05 10:00:42

i think that is sweet of you, just bumping this cos it would be nice for people to read. a thread like the one you mention is never going to end well. i scanned it for my name (just in case!) but chose to not get involved. i just hope that thread doesnt cause a lot of long lasting bad feeling

suzywong Mon 06-Jun-05 10:03:11

are you self falgolating in the manner of a strict monk as you write this SP?

colditz Mon 06-Jun-05 10:04:08

My God SW, that sounds absolutely foul!

Fio2 Mon 06-Jun-05 10:06:54

that other thread sent shivers down my spine, but still had to read it ho -hum

Toothache Mon 06-Jun-05 10:09:54

at other thread.

suzywong Mon 06-Jun-05 10:11:41

tut it I meant flagolating, as in whipping yourself, tut you rude lady

SenoraPostrophe Mon 06-Jun-05 13:55:39


no, but I did just bite a bit of skin on my finger for good measure. And I am going to renew my membership of pedants anonymous.

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 06-Jun-05 13:57:37

I missed that thread.

Did it turn nasty?

JoolsToo Mon 06-Jun-05 14:00:17

OMG - I started that thread - mid-evening daft thread - supposed to be jokey and it was to start with! Didn't really think anyone would take it seriously!

sorry girls no offence meant - truly <hangs head in shame>

suzywong Mon 06-Jun-05 14:01:31

I 'm confusing it with the bean variety cleary SP

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