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Penfriends - do you still have one from your school days ?

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lovechoc Sat 19-Sep-09 12:00:03

Has anyone still got one they had whilst they were at school, and still in touch with today?

I have just realised I've been friends with penfriend now for over 11 years!!! Read through all the letters the other day, amazing to think the friendship has continued all these years.

anyone else with a similar experience?

NoahDear Sat 19-Sep-09 12:01:54

I had one in France whos Mum had been murdered.
in teh forest.
they reckoned it was a local chassuer, and the grandmother used to hiss " assassin" at him when he went past.

Then I had another from Bordeaux with a family chateau in the perigord - celine was v nice. Lost contact ( this was 6th form)

then I had a nice on in Bavaria who i then used to see when i went to live there, but we werent really best mate material.

lovechoc Sat 19-Sep-09 19:08:36

NoahDear that's really crap news about your French penfriend. How horrid.

It's difficult to maintain the friendships especially if there's a language barrier (they don't always get jokes the way we do in the UK!).

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