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Which mumsnetter pe*s you off the most ....

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JoolsToo Sat 04-Jun-05 21:26:04

go on - I dare you!

I'll start - JoolsToo

sobernow Sat 04-Jun-05 21:27:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Evesmama Sat 04-Jun-05 21:28:19


zaphod Sat 04-Jun-05 21:28:22

That loser, Moozoboozo. And is that supposed to be Pi**es you off??????

huggybear Sat 04-Jun-05 21:28:25

wow - anyone that posts on here is brave!!!

JoolsToo Sat 04-Jun-05 21:28:54

the emptiest thread on mumsnet - go on change your name

then name and shame

Dior Sat 04-Jun-05 21:29:46

Message withdrawn

moozoboozoloozo Sat 04-Jun-05 21:30:02

Gee, thanks Zaphod, I am the first on the list. [proud emoticon]

JoolsToo Sat 04-Jun-05 21:30:20

actually anyone who changes names pe*s me off!!

mummygow Sat 04-Jun-05 21:30:46

Sobernow LOL - me too ha ha!!

JoolsToo Sat 04-Jun-05 21:30:56

this isn't about losers moozo its about who pe*s you off

misdee Sat 04-Jun-05 21:31:14

lavenders dh

judge flounce.

sobernow Sat 04-Jun-05 21:31:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheJudge Sat 04-Jun-05 21:31:50

You called..................

MistressMary Sat 04-Jun-05 21:32:21


moozoboozoloozo Sat 04-Jun-05 21:32:25



TheJudge Sat 04-Jun-05 21:32:41


I believe you referred to me ...........

HappyMumof2 Sat 04-Jun-05 21:33:02

Message withdrawn

suzybong Sat 04-Jun-05 21:33:24

Has this thing kicked off yet?

cud Sat 04-Jun-05 21:34:34

its just about to!

HappyMumof2 Sat 04-Jun-05 21:34:43

Message withdrawn

TheJudge Sat 04-Jun-05 21:35:08



JoolsToo Sat 04-Jun-05 21:35:48

don't know - alwayssay?

whats the story?

galaxy Sat 04-Jun-05 21:36:23

Victoria Peckham


Lavenderrr for putting up with her dh

No-0ne else springs to mind

MistressMary Sat 04-Jun-05 21:36:35

vaccinations evangelical approach person.

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