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A bit of a long shot but are there any MNetters from Essex, specificaly aroundBrentwood/Basildon ish area that can help me identify a place where they conduct marriages??

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shinyshoes Wed 16-Sep-09 12:49:50

Friends of DP got married about 7 years ago. He's not in touch with them anymore so he can't ask them.

We are trying to identify the place where they got married my sister is interested in looking at it.

I vaguely remember it being somewhere of the A127 possibly on the A128. It had a gravel drive (we think) but what I do remember is that it was set back a little and had a lovely grassy area. DP think there was a water feature possibly, it had wood beams inside French doors and had hotel rooms.

I know it's a longshot but that's all we can remember sorry. I think it was JUST as you turned off the A127 one of those roads there.


ElliesMad Wed 16-Sep-09 21:11:20

Sounds like Langtons, Hornchurch way.

shinyshoes Thu 17-Sep-09 08:35:28

Thanks for the link we found out what it ws it was theOldRectory Brentwood

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