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ZIPZIP!!!!!!!!!! please read!!!!!ASBOs

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sparklymieow Sat 04-Jun-05 13:20:44

Hi, you gave some advice to me on my thread on my neighbours, that thread has been deleted, we were wondering about ASBOs. I did try and contact you via Contact a talker but you haven't set up your account to recieve messages.

rickman Sat 04-Jun-05 13:30:59

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Sat 04-Jun-05 13:51:59

I asked for a link to be deleted, which MN did but then the whole thread disappeared...... [confused]

rickman Sat 04-Jun-05 13:59:19

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Sat 04-Jun-05 14:00:31

sparkly - I know her and pointed her to the thread in the first place. I will get a message to her to look at this new thread.

sparklymieow Sat 04-Jun-05 14:01:00

I know, Zipzip gave some good advice too..... I tried to CAT her but she isn't set up for it.....

sparklymieow Sat 04-Jun-05 14:01:36


zipzip Sat 04-Jun-05 15:05:55

Sorry about the contact thing, I don't know how to change/set up...

Do you want to ask stuff here or shall i try and change this contact thing?

sparklymieow Sat 04-Jun-05 15:54:05

Can you email me at mwaters2uk (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk replacing the at and the dots please...??

zipzip Sat 04-Jun-05 16:06:51


sparklymieow Sat 04-Jun-05 16:11:34


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