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HELP!! PC keeps dying...... need some Virus Software QUICK!

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Toothache Fri 03-Jun-05 21:49:01

My PC just dies after I've been on a while and it's getting worse!

I nned my MN fix at home or I'm going to go on it even more at work and lose my job................ MY JOB DEPENDS ON THIS!

Anyone know a free virus software I can run????

jamiesam Fri 03-Jun-05 21:54:16

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

swiperfox Fri 03-Jun-05 21:55:02

Hiya -I think AVG is meant to be quite good.

Also do a search on McAfee Avert Stinger - it kills all the latest worms and trojans and is free and quick to download and run

Toothache Fri 03-Jun-05 21:56:39


It's holdnig up for now.... but its so frustrating! I was contacted by a male MN'er with loads of advice on how to fix the problems.... but I can't remember his name and my PC won't let me open my emails now!

Its a conspiracy I tell you!!!.... should never have handed out my details to Mumsonline.

SaintGeorge Fri 03-Jun-05 23:15:31

Probably Hub2Dee you want - he's the computer boffin I think, although he has a preference for Macs rather than PCs with Windows .

kid Fri 03-Jun-05 23:22:17

My computer kept switching off recently for no apparent reason. It turned out to be the power supply, paid £40 for a new one.

SoupDragon Sat 04-Jun-05 11:41:43

You could have a go with Panda Active Scan but remember to check the box to say you want it to solve and problems or it will just find them. It only runs in Internet Explorer and won't run if, for example, you've run Mozilla Firefox at any point since switching the PC on.

ScrewballMuppet Sat 04-Jun-05 12:16:45

i was given these websites by IT teacher. haven't used them yt as new computer has come with norton anti virus.

Here's the firstfree software page

and the second, hope these help

Christie Sat 04-Jun-05 12:18:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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