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We chased a hot air balloon last night!

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edam Sun 13-Sep-09 21:28:31

One of those things that just happens and is so lovely. Driving along, on the way back from a fab scarecrow festival, saw some hot air balloons, do the whole 'look ds and niece' thing. Hot air balloons get bigger and bigger and closer and closer... eventually my sister, the driver, said right, shall we give up going home and chase the balloons instead?

So we did. And one of them came down really low right next to us! We thought they were going to land - honestly, we could talk to the people in the basket. Ds and dn were SO excited. And everyone waved back at them!

And then there were some bullocks in the field and it turns out when you are four or six, standing by a five bar gate talking to bullocks is the culmination of a very happy day indeed. smile

(Btw if any MNers live in Harpole, your village is lovely and I am lost in admiration of your scarecrow festival, brilliantly well done.)

DogAgain Sun 13-Sep-09 21:29:46

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 13-Sep-09 21:30:12

how lovely.

we had one very low over our bungalow once, and the kids waved. thats the closest we got.

BitOfFun Sun 13-Sep-09 21:30:19

That sounds like a truly lovely day.

pinkem Sun 13-Sep-09 21:34:56

We used to do this when i was young smile

GypsyMoth Sun 13-Sep-09 21:37:24

saw about 30 of them last night also,about 6.45 just outside bedford!

edam Sun 13-Sep-09 21:38:17

It was a gorgeous day and it was all thanks to my lovely sister. smile Who picked us up, drove us to the festival, chased the hot air balloon, put us up, then got up at 5.30am to go to work and spent all day looking after people in crisis (community nurse rapid intervention team), then came home, had something to eat and turned round and drove us home again! Bless her cotton socks.

edam Sun 13-Sep-09 21:39:44

(dh was away and I haven't passed my ruddy driving test yet.)

ingles2 Sun 13-Sep-09 21:43:38

sounds lovely edam smile and your sister sounds even lovelier.
hot air balloons regularly drift low over our garden and the surrounding fields. The boys always stand in the garden waving and shouting hello. They are hopeful the balloon will land because if they land in your ground they give you a free ride.

edam Sun 13-Sep-09 22:25:28

wow, is that right ingles? We need a much bigger garden!

ReddyMealsAreNotWorthIt Sun 13-Sep-09 22:30:01

We saw 3 last night, over Midsomer Norton!

Is there something significant about yesterday in terms of ballooning?

lou33 Sun 13-Sep-09 22:49:18

we see them pass over quite a lot here too, there is a ballooning place a few miles away

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