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Criminal Injuries Compensation for Paedophile Victim - Pre 1979 abuse

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chocolatekimmy Sun 13-Sep-09 21:26:42


Two years ago my friends father was sentenced to 12 years for horrendous child abuse - 'you name it, he did it'. The abuse started in about 1964 and continued up until 1978.

It took her until she was in her forties to actually tell anyone about it and she amazingly had the courage to report it and go through the legal system to get him convicted (the sick freak denied it to the bitter end!). Understandably she has had some difficulties in her life and she still suffers now in some ways.

As part of the process a claim was submitted on her behalf to the Criminal Injuries Board however this was rejected because the crimes took place before 1979 and she had continued to live in the same household as her father.

The reality is that she wasn't allowed to leave home until she was 18 (her parents prevented her), there was no childline or similar, abuse wasn't talked about back then but mainly she feared for her life if she ever told. The appeal panel has rejected her appeal - looking at the date and not considering why she continued to live with him. A solicitor advised her to write to Esther Rantzen and Cherie Blair.

Apparently the law was changed but it was never made retrospective. The condition was to prevent victims of domestic violence receiving money and then going back to live with the violent partner.

Of course, it sounds totally unfair after everything she has been through - not just as a child but ever since and the trauma of the legal system and court case. This isn't about the money, a payment would give her some financial stability and be very useful for her. Even now she still can't get closure with this hanging over her still.

Sorry for the long post, does anyone out there may have an understanding of this law or any advice on how to pursue it?


chocolatekimmy Mon 14-Sep-09 21:35:16


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