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Bad driving - not going to tell DH because he'll just say he told me so!

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SPARKLER1 Fri 03-Jun-05 18:22:42

Driving earlier in the drizzly wet weather. Car in front of me braked and I only just stopped in time before I went into the back of him. Had foot flat on the floor to brake and even had to pull on the hand brake. Tyres made a terrible screeching noise.
I was so lucky I didn't hit the vehicle in front.
Dh always tells me I brake too late - and I always take offense and tell him my driving is fine.
{blush] Just this ONCE he was right.

Twiglett Fri 03-Jun-05 18:25:22

I think rather than braking too late you may well be driving too close .. I constantly get amazed at how close people drive especially in the wet

misdee Fri 03-Jun-05 18:27:38

2 second rule?

lou33 Fri 03-Jun-05 18:29:02

double it for wet weather.

misdee, did the pants arrive?

misdee Fri 03-Jun-05 18:30:39

oh yes lou, thank you. keep meanign to email you but have brain like a sieve.

lou33 Fri 03-Jun-05 18:32:44


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