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Facebook - How does 'Blocking' work

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skyblu Fri 11-Sep-09 08:58:40

If you block someone, does that mean that they cannot see you AT ALL - even if they search on friends of yours, do you not appear in the list?

For example:
I looked at the 'friends list' of someone that I am NOT friends with (person A) and a person (person B) was listed as her friend yesterday, this was a new account & a person B had a handful of friends.

Today, person B has dissappeared completely from Person A's list and when I search on her, there are no results found.

This happened before with another person (person C).

But it is odd that Person B and Person C would just de-activate their accounts, just like that - especially when Person B was new?!

If Person B and Person C have put me in their 'Block' list, would I not see them in any of their other freinds lists at all?

Or does the 'block' only work when you search.

If Person B & I actually had a mutual friend, would I never see that person B is freinds with mutual friend as well? Would they see me? What about updates etc?

Anyone know exactly how it works?

beanieb Fri 11-Sep-09 09:01:30

either she's blocked you or has reset her privacy settings so only friends can see her. It could be the latter and so wouldn't mean she has deliberately blocked you, just stopped anyone who isn't on her own friends list from seeing her. If you want to see her why not send a friends request?

skyblu Fri 11-Sep-09 09:05:27

Thanks Beanie

So, are you saying that if you change your privacy settings so that only friends can see you - that's basically like closing the door within facebook?
Because no NEW people can see that you are on facebook at all, and so wouldn't send you a request - it would just be up to you to send requests to people if you wanted to be freinds with them.

Have I understood that correctly?

beanieb Fri 11-Sep-09 10:12:51


yes, that's correct I think.

as far as I know (and I use it) you can use your privacy settings so only friends can search for you.

under privacy settings there's a bit saying 'control who can search for you' which you can set to 'only friends'. I think this means that only people on your own friends list can see you and anyone whi isn't on your list just wouldn't have you come up in their search if they did one. I have mine set up like that so that Exes and old friends of exes can't just search me and see what I am up to.

you can also set it up so even if a person is on your friends list they can't see all your other friends on your list, if that makes sense.

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