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MN Little Italy 16

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TheMysticMasseuse Wed 09-Sep-09 21:41:55


hooray for me!!!

TheMysticMasseuse Wed 09-Sep-09 21:43:34

ok, now I have recovered myself somewhat...

hello and buonasera, yes, now that i think about it, BP is a bit dodgy too... all those children... mmhhh

Minerva, i have just had a literal LOL moment at ricreazione being a really difficult subject

Penthesileia Wed 09-Sep-09 23:19:39

Hey MM - found you! grin

Yes - ever since BP ponced about looking beautiful in the Levis ad, I've reckoned he was too good to be true (I do think he is quite nice).

Plus plus plus - in Ocean's Eleven his character is depicted eating a lot (burgers, etc). No straight man would eat a burger the way BP eats a burger in this film, IYSWIM. grin Too polished (watch whole video). This is my evidence. Case closed. <gavel> grin

francagoestohollywood Thu 10-Sep-09 12:57:44

Oh here you are grin

I love the link Penthe, but I'm still not that convinced. He has a list of credible girlfriends, I think (apart form AJ). Btw, I reckon BP's best role is in True Romance, when he is always stoned.

Lol at ricreazione grin

Rosa Thu 10-Sep-09 14:49:06

Phew found you.....
Sorry no mac for a scammy hunt but he diddn't arrive at the apt last night !
Paris was zooming over the lagoon ( staying at the Hilton obviously) and I read today that 11 speed cameras have been placed in the Guidecca ( thats where the HIlton is ) is this a pure co incidence I ask my self ????
George came in and out by Helicopter hence no taxi at the airport and he was only in Venice for a short while .
DD1 screamed today when she wanted something heck its only day 4 of materna seemed she has learnt something! She also said a big boy pushed me really hard mummy and I fell over ...Cosa dico ? I know that pushing , hitting etc is bound to happen and I don't want her to be the giver or the receiver but what do you say how you want her to behave?

Sputnik Thu 10-Sep-09 17:38:37

Rosa, I always told DD to just go and play somewhere else, or to tell the teacher, however after she was attacked with the rolling pin last year I told her if they keep doing it then hit back. Against my pacifist principles but what do you do with bullies?
What does everyone else tell their DCs?

francagoestohollywood Thu 10-Sep-09 17:46:57

It depends on their age. I usually tell them to go play somewhere else and always, always tell the teacher. I think it's the best thing to do, at least until the end of the elementari.

francagoestohollywood Thu 10-Sep-09 17:47:43

He didn't arrive at the apt? Omg, what happened to scamy? (worried)

Rosa Thu 10-Sep-09 19:54:09

Thanks for that will start the drill going domani. Scamy is here he must have arrived the other day as he was on the red carpet... I just have not seen him. DH wouldn't know him if he fell over him but he took 4 tourists on a tour of the isole for 4 hs and the guida called the agency to say how good and carino he was .....hmm
Domani it is our employee on so he will probably pick up a VIP.....
SOno cotta. This materna stuff is hard work!

francagoestohollywood Thu 10-Sep-09 20:03:23

I know he is there, he looks divine in the pics.... hmmmmm

I know, materna is a big jump from cuddly nido, but - with the right teachers, of course - is fab in the long run.

I'm sad and a bit anguished, as I have just received an email from the rappresentante di classe of ds's class that the teacher of matematica hasn't been confirmed sad. Poor children will have to get used to a new teacher, I just hope the old one has a job (given the cuts), she was very good.

francagoestohollywood Thu 10-Sep-09 20:04:49

You must find him for me rosa grin!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, it is a good thing I don't live in Venice, I'd steal a gondola and go looking for Scamy in the canals, with fake moustaches and all...

Camomilla Thu 10-Sep-09 20:18:14


he did look yummy though, BP, but agree, he's not invecchiando bene...

rosa, I always tell DS to tell the teacher. if it's always the same kids, then I always tell him to stop playing with them.

Rosa Thu 10-Sep-09 21:01:33

Have just spent the last hr looking at clothes for a wedding I have in Late Oct and I am stuck. I don't have time to shop in the city plus the only places that have my size are Oviesse (not really), Coin( all grannies) and a very expensive ' big girls place'. I am stuck ----All I have is black ( ancient almost work stuff )and its boring Next it seems all short stuff leggings and tunics. M&S the skirt I like I think will be too short plus I will need a coat or jacket. They have to post to Italy HELP.
Just bee bitten by a mozzie so off to switch on the machines .
Oh as for Scamy I have issued an alert to our driver he is to stop / photograph and hijack if needed and send to Milan !!!

francagoestohollywood Thu 10-Sep-09 21:36:00

Oh thanks rosa grin

I'll surf M&S and see what i can find to tempt you...

where is the wedding? You'll need a light coat or a jacket.

gio71 Thu 10-Sep-09 22:18:05

Penthe just want to say THANKYOU for posting that Levis link. It has taken me straight back to my uni days when me and my best mate would go to the cinema about 4 times in a week just so we could perve over that advert blush. Had forgotten all about it and you have taken me back to the days of a 2 litre bottle of cider before going out and Neighbours and Home and Away twice a day (and a bit of studying in between). Happy days smile
Rosa all sounds very glam in Venice envy

francagoestohollywood Thu 10-Sep-09 22:25:34

gio, I'm posting pics of bruno martelli from fame on another thread. Have just realized he was cute.

gio71 Fri 11-Sep-09 13:08:42

lol at Bruno- he had a certain something wink. Ah I loved the Kids from Fame- why isn't it repeated? Or is it and I missed it. How I longed to be an athletic,leg warmer clad, on top of taxi dancing New Yorker type hmm
Anyone help me- is there a website you know of in Italy where I can get supplies for kids parties- as in accessories- I want to do a Thomas themed party for my Thomas obsessed son's birthday and if I order via Amazon they charge 25 quid just for posting shock

francagoestohollywood Fri 11-Sep-09 13:12:34

We used to get re runs of Fame on raidue after lunch well until the mid 90s!!! grin

No idea re the party supplies I'm afraid, Rosa might know. Rooooooosa?
Have you checked other UK websites? They might deliver to Italy at a lower price?

francagoestohollywood Fri 11-Sep-09 13:15:46

there's this one but no TTTE
no ttte

Rosa Fri 11-Sep-09 13:38:06

YEs - but I have to really think back to last Feb they sent me lots of little things for party bags and they were a party site. POstage wasn'ttoo bad if I remember correctly. Letterbox used to but Hawkin have taken them over.
If you have enough time get it posted to an address in the Uk and get the person to take off all the not needed packing and then post on .
Bear with me and I will try to find my brain....Or I will search e mails!!

Rosa Fri 11-Sep-09 13:46:03

Found it place

They do Thomas. I guesses on the weight of things and I bought a few bulky but not heavy things it took 10 days but I was in a flap I would allow longer.... In fact this year I am ordering at Christmas!!!

francagoestohollywood Fri 11-Sep-09 13:50:38

See? I knew Rosa would help! smile

gio71 Fri 11-Sep-09 14:03:56

ah Rosa you are a star, good idea re getting sent initially to UK. Will get ordering!

gio71 Fri 11-Sep-09 14:05:15

Is there no market for these types of websites in Italy? There are so few online shopping options compared to UK. Or is it that I am googling the wrong things? I might start one smile

francagoestohollywood Fri 11-Sep-09 14:29:41

You are right gio, Italians don't shop online as much as the english, for instance.
First of all we don't trust our poste... and many italians wouldn't trust giving their cc details online...

And there is a cultural element too. Italians like going into shops. There are women who go to the same boutique all their life!

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