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Has anyone else relocated and regretted it?

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Restrainedrabbit Wed 09-Sep-09 20:59:15

DH got a job 2 hrs away from where we lived 3 weeks before DS was born (had a DD of 2.8 at the time), a week after he was born we put the house on the market and 6mths later finally had an offer. 2mths after that we moved and I am really not enjoying it here I am desperately homesick and miss our old house which I really loved - we had to get a house here that was practical but didn't make my tummy flip. Our marriage has suffered from the stress of the last year and everything just feels wrong

Kathyjelly Fri 11-Sep-09 16:02:12

I understand completely how you feel.

When my DS came along a year ago unexpectedly, we weren't married and had two houses 70 miles apart. DH wants me to sell up house I love and move in, away from friends, family, support network, job. V difficult. DS needs his dad, travelling to and fro twice a week is a killer. I'm still not happy after 12 months so have agreed we sell both and choose house together.

You need a plan. Explain to DH how you feel. Suggest you try to make it work for a fixed period - 6 months? - while making house as saleable as possible. At same time look around area for somewhere you do like. Get him to agree that if still not happy in 6 months, you'll all move.

If you're really unhappy, he'll go for it.

Fimbo Fri 11-Sep-09 16:04:52

I live 8hrs away from my friends and family and there is absolutely no chance of ever moving back. I have been away for 9 years now and although my life is fairly settled, I would love to go back to Scotland. If I lived within 2hrs I would be cock a hoop as I would be able to spend most weekends there.

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