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losing too much weight

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biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 20:45:12

ive lost 4 stone in 8 months, as due to my appetite being ssooo small than it was before i got pg. im so tired as well.. is it lack of excercise that why im tired?, plus im getting worried of wondering if my weight will stop sumwhere along the line (i lose half a stone every month) and i dont want to be like i was years ago as didnt suited me as i looked too thin.

Davros Thu 02-Jun-05 20:49:20

You should see your GP. I lost weight after my first pg and thought nothing of it, put it down to post-pg but I was ill! Just check it out.

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 20:56:55

really ive never thought of being ill as ive had underactive thyroid and aneamic test when baba was 4 months old and came back clear (my baba is 8 months old)

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 21:12:34


biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 21:40:46

anyone pls?

Orinoco Thu 02-Jun-05 22:14:45

Message withdrawn

Ulysees Thu 02-Jun-05 22:42:24

could your thyroid have changed to overactive? please get checked out biglips as this is a lot of weight loss IMO

biglips Fri 03-Jun-05 10:38:25

ill ring the docs straight away and get it tested for over active thyroid... thanks everyone !

tiffini Fri 03-Jun-05 10:48:15

Body” Symptoms of Overactive Thyroid Disease
1. Overactivity, jitteriness. Your body may feel uneasy with a kind of “internal tremor”.
2. Rapid heartbeat, palpitations.
3. Shortness of breath, pre-existing asthma may worsen.
4. Weight loss despite eating the same or more than usual. Increased appetite.
5. Swelling at the front of the neck.
6. Heat intolerance, increased sweating, dressing lightly even in cold weather.
7. Itchy skin, skin may get darker or be patchy in colour. Patchy lumpy skin on the shins.
8. Fine soft hair, maybe prematurely grey, thinning or refusing to take a perm.
9. Gritty feeling in the eyes, staring or protruding eyes.
10. Shakiness/tremor – your cup and saucer may rattle.
11. Weak muscles, especially thighs and shoulders, frozen shoulder.
12. Sweaty hands, rings may become tight, “loose” catchy nails.
13. Reduced fertility, miscarriage, menstruation may be light or stop.
14. Diarrhoea and or vomiting.
15. Shoes may become tight. Untidy writing.

“Mind” Symptoms of Overactive Thyroid Disease
1. Nervousness, a mix of anxiety and irritability or the feeling that you have PMT all the time.
2. Bursting into tears.
3. Difficulties in relaxing and sleeping.
4. Exhaustion due to so much activity and little sleep.
5. Reduced ability to deal well with stress or shock.
6. Thoughts rushing through the head, particularly at night.
7. Particularly in the elderly a feeling of apathy may occur instead of anxiety.
8. Feelings of panic or panic attacks in which the heartbeat feels fast and seems loud.
9. Paranoia.
10. What others may view as neurotic behaviour.
11. Hallucinations particularly after prolonged insomnia.

If a person with an overactive thyroid is not given a thyroid test, they may be misdiagnosed as experiencing anxiety, neurosis, psychosis or other psychiatric disorder.

LottieG Fri 03-Jun-05 10:52:19

Thanks for posting biglips. I thought everyone would hate me if I posted that I was losing too much weight, but this thread has persuaded me to go to the docs and check it out.
Let us know how you get on.

Rhubarb Fri 03-Jun-05 11:20:03

I lost an awful lot of weight when my ds was born. I was b/f him and not eating well myself. It was a vicious circle, I was feeding in the night so I was tired, b/f also drained me of energy, this meant that I had no appetite, and even the thought of having to get up and make myself a sandwich was too much.

I went to the doc and she thought that I had thyroid problems too as my white blood cell count was low, she wanted to do a bone marrow test on me. That frightened me so I persuaded her to put it off for a week. During that week I ate All Bran, red meat, brown bread, I really tried and when she tested again my blood cell count was normal. However I was still skinny, I dropped down to 7 stone when normally I'm around 8.5, I'm tall too so it really doesn't look good. In the meantime ds was happily piling on the pounds and turning into a very big baby. I had to stop b/f, once I did this my appetite slowly returned.

The things you can do are to buy snack foods from the supermarket that require no effort to prepare. Scones, crumpets, soups, cereal bars, fruit compotes, mars bars, ready-made sandwiches, just to encourage you to eat. I would get put off if I had to make something myself. Drink lots of milk too as this is counted as a food source.

Don't exercise until you are eating better, otherwise you'll either faint or make yourself unwell.

Hope it gets better!

DickWhittingtonsCat Fri 03-Jun-05 11:36:35

I had a similar experience and think Rhubharb has given you great advice. It was alarming as even men at work were saying, "Are you OK, you've lost weight." If you can afford to shop there, M&S ready meals are the healthiest I think. I carried on bf till 15 mths, but made a huge effort to eat more during that time. If you do start to exercise, remember to eat even more!

biglips Fri 03-Jun-05 16:25:18

well i can be bothered to feed myself but im just not hungry as i can have a bowl of cornflakes @ 8am and im not hungry till 11.30am and ill have a butty and packet of crisp and im stuffed till tea time.

in the "body" symptoms is 7 & 8. and in the "mind" symptoms is 4. ive made an appointment for monday and ill let you know lottieg and you let me know too.

biglips Fri 03-Jun-05 16:25:39

and im not BF either

biglips Sat 04-Jun-05 16:06:50

me and DP have talked about me not enough as im not eating enough energy foods (which is true) and also we decided that i havent got over active thyroid as im not hypo!, ive just had a small cooked breakfast now adn i feel sick and my tummy is hurting (same as when you really had stuffed your face stupidly), up 2 now ive had cornflakes @ 8.30am, went out came back and had 2 pieces of toast and now this

biglips Sat 04-Jun-05 16:07:05

BUT i will be seeing my docs on monday

Davros Sun 05-Jun-05 15:47:42

Could be that you've just got into a pattern and it will be hard to break, just hope you're not ill. If you're not ill I could certainly do with developing that pattern for a while!

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