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zzzzzzzz! im so tired !!!!!!!

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biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 16:22:56

ive got a DD age 8 months old, she is fab and since march she was waking up frequently but everything went back to normal since i introduced 3rd meal (solids. Now she is teething, she isnt too bad but seems to be hungry again in the middle of the nite so poss need to top up bottles. im really knackered now as if baba does wake up in the middle of the night, i wake up and feed her and feel ok for that day, if she sleeps thru, im sleeping really heavy and wants to have couple of more hours sleep but cant cos already had 8-9 hrs sleep (if i slept thru)

ive been tested for underactive thyroid and anemic but was fine.

im losing alot of weight too (im not on a diet but excercising when i remember). since baba was born ive lost 4 stone and i take my multi-vits and iron tabs (even docs said dont need to take them) im getting abit worried as dont wanna be thin like i was years ago as i looked too ill

but im not excercising enough. poss thats the answer?

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 16:42:48

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 18:59:58


HunkerMunker Thu 02-Jun-05 19:01:14

I always feel better and less tired if I've exercised - do you go for a walk each day?

You're not pg again, are you?!

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 19:02:43

no deffo not pg as i feel mentally and physically tired.... poss due to me not eating enough but im not really hungry as my appetite had gone tiny

HunkerMunker Thu 02-Jun-05 19:06:03

What sort of things do you like eating? It sounds like you might not be eating enough if you're that tired and losing weight - can you go back to the doctor and ask for guidance on your diet?

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 19:09:29

yeah ill give him a ring tmrw (docs) as i lose half a stone every month but just wondering will it stop somewhere !!

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 19:23:59

hiya again. ive started a thread (for myself) under "zzzzzz- im so tired!" which i am and ive got no energy most of the time as i feel like hibernating !

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 19:24:29

pls ignore previous thread !

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 20:16:54

anyone the same?

beansprout Thu 02-Jun-05 20:20:19

I'm utterly exhausted at the moment. Has even crossed my mind that this is tooo similar to that first trimester tiredness. I worked full time before I had ds but this is much, much harder!!!

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