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Dash Sun 18-May-03 20:33:38

My DD has had headlice 4 times since october.(keeps getting it from somebody at school, I have complained to school they just say there is nothing they can do. I keep using the shampoo but am getting worried that the nits will become immune to it.

whymummy Sun 18-May-03 21:03:43

use tea tree oil conditioner and wet comb,my ds has not had them for over 5 months now and we get letters almost every week about headlice but he`s not had them since i started using tea tree oil

Slinky Sun 18-May-03 21:17:37

Yep, agree with whymummy!

We've used tea tree oil conditioner since DD1 had an outbreak nearly 3 years ago.

Despite regular letters coming home from school and nursery - my 2 DDs and DS have avoided them -touch wood!

And you're right about overusing the shampoos - eventually their effectiveness does wear off.

Dash Sun 18-May-03 21:30:11

Thanks for the advice will try the conditioner and fingers crossed she will stop getting them.Just fed up with complaining to school and that they don't seemed bothered.

judetheobscure Sun 18-May-03 21:33:12

Can you give me the name/brand/stockist of the tea tree oil conditioner as my ds had headlice a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to try to prevent their return.

judetheobscure Sun 18-May-03 21:34:34

Just to add, we seem to get a "nit" letter every couple of weeks at school, but short of warning parents there isn't a lot the school can do I don't think.

Slinky Sun 18-May-03 22:04:26

I generlally use the "shops own" TTO conditioner from Boots or Tesco but I know you can get it from most supermarkets or Body Shop.


whymummy Sun 18-May-03 22:53:09

i use the saynsbury`s one
i wish they had a nurse at school to check and send the children affected home but they don`t do that anymore

Lara2 Mon 19-May-03 20:22:45

the nits do get immune to the chemicals. The ONLY way to really and truly get rid of them is the wet combing method. You wash their hair, put on conditioner and comb and comb and comb with a very fine plastic lice comb. Rinse the comb after each comb through, do it up in the opposite direction to the hair growth as well as the normal way. Pay particular attention to behing the ears and back of the neck - the wee beasties love lurking there. You MUST do this every 3 to 4 days for at least 2 weeks to really get rid of them. It's useless to comb everyday because you won't get any the day after you comb. I've had the damn things so many times from the kids in my class (despite having REALLY short hair!!) and this is the ONLY way I have ever gotten rid of them for sure.

Nattie Tue 20-May-03 00:24:11

My ds got quite a heavy infection at nursery when he was three and I got it too! My dp didn't - I don't know what that says about his hair.

Anyway, I'm allergic to shampoos and conditioners and heard about Nitty Gritty on the radio. They've developed an aromatherapy treatment which includes lavender and tea tree oils. You comb it through and leave it for a bit (much like the conditioner, I suppose) and then wash it out. I bought three or four 500 ml bottles expecting to have to keep using it as outbreaks are so frequent in schools - but have never had to use it again. It was very effective that one time.

Paula1 Tue 20-May-03 10:24:27

Nitty Gritty also do a preventative spray, which (appears) to be working really well, as DS school have had several outbreaks and he hasn't had them yet. I am however terrified that I might have them lurking and not know, I'm too scared to go to my usual hairdressers to get my hair coloured in case they tap me on the shoulder and say "excuse me..."

Nattie Tue 20-May-03 13:21:26

Don't worry, you'll know if you've got them - your head itches and you can feel them crawling about!!!

bubbly Wed 21-May-03 19:38:09

We've managed to avoid them for 4 years by combing wiht tea tree twice a week BUT we have got them now so combing every other night wiht tea tree and neem until there is nothing to see. Apparently they are endemic in primary schools and the only thing you can do is keep wet combing and keep your childrens hair tied up so it has less chance of being a nit vine....or shave your head!!

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