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Child Modelling

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Nik100 Mon 07-Sep-09 16:36:54

Hi there,

I have just signed up on this web and wondered if anyone has any advice on child model agencies, my son has been accepted for a couple, but I am not sure whether they are good or just a scam to get cash from you, anyone heard of any decent ones?

becknsteve Tue 08-Sep-09 17:01:33

Hi Nik

I've just started trying to get DS into modelling myself so my knowledge is limited, I'm afraid.

The main thread on mumsnet is here:

You should also check out any agency you're thinking of signing up with on the Alba Model site: They have a list of recommended agencies as well as exposing the scammers.

Hope to see you at castings!

Nik100 Thu 10-Sep-09 17:40:03


Thanks for that info I will try them for info, cheers

VIX05 Tue 15-Sep-09 16:43:21

Hi Like you am new to Mumsnet, but my DS has been with Scallywags from when he was 6months old ( 3 yrs next month )and they charged nothing for the interview or photos you had a picture session when you went for the interview and then they used the pics for the web pages so all you paid was £175 for the year , and they charged 35% job fee as such, but they charge more per session£60 per hr and min of 2 hrs. I found them good to begin with compared to some of the other people who we met at sessions not always very organised.
But there prices have doubled for signing on now and from what one photographer said that now the dear old office of fair trading has regulated this trade there is a very small margine in profit now. Just found it an intersting fact as alot of agencies are using pictures from libraries. One agency that came across as good was TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS and I am going to be looking at them soon...... hope this helps

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