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Marks and Spencers question.

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Newbarnsleygirl Thu 02-Jun-05 09:20:23

I've been given some Marks and Spencers vouchers for my birthday but it's going to be ages before I can get out and shop sooooooo.

Can I use the gift vouchers on-line or if I write down the product numbers can I ring them up and use them??

I know I might be clutching at straws but the vouchers do have serial numbers on and I have heard other people mention that other sites do it.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 02-Jun-05 09:37:46


mancmum Thu 02-Jun-05 09:51:00

have you looked on the web site to see if there is a place you can enter the numbers? Try dummy buying something to check? I have an account but never seen anywhere to use vouchers but to be honest, never actually looked

stitch Thu 02-Jun-05 09:51:08

i doubt it, but you could always try.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 02-Jun-05 09:52:57

I had a read through they're payment policy thing and it didn't mention it.

I'm desperate to buy some undies!

champs Fri 03-Jun-05 13:47:00

sorry but you cant pay online with vouchers. or phone. the vouchers dont have barcodes on so wouldn't be cancelled once you used it.

bibiboo Fri 03-Jun-05 15:03:32

Don't know if this helps, but you can use Next vouchers over the phone and it's possible M&S do the same. Try ringin their order line and asking.

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