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I would like to share something with you but I think that it may be illegal.........

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lilibet Wed 01-Jun-05 21:08:31

......... and I don't want to get either me or Mumsnet in trouble!

I have been e mailed a copy of Jamie Oliver Naked Chef 2 and would be quite willing to forward this on to anyone who CATs me but is this illegal or am I being a scardey cat?

It's 121 pages long so it's a bit of a pain to print off but I did that at work anyway! It's a perfect thing with lovely colour pictures adn Jamie grinning away on the front. I have looked for the book on Amazoan and can't find it - only the video of the tv series.
exactly the same picture tho'

Can I forward this onto anyone who wants it or will a nice young policeman appear at my door and take me away?

starlover Wed 01-Jun-05 21:11:46

it is illegal to copy an entire book, yes...

snafu Wed 01-Jun-05 21:13:27

Totally illegal!

snafu Wed 01-Jun-05 21:14:11

Any nice recipes though?

Caligula Wed 01-Jun-05 21:16:04

I think you're allowed up to 10% without infringing copyright law. Could be wrong though. [WARNING: I AM NOT A LAWYER ]

lilibet Wed 01-Jun-05 21:20:02

lovely snafu

Prufrock Wed 01-Jun-05 21:38:39

It's a scam. See here

All the recipes are ones from his other books

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