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Anyone ever won the Lottery?

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Furball Sat 17-May-03 20:21:38

After another waste of 3 quid on tonights lottery, I wondered if it really ever will 'be me'.

Anyone won anything apart from the odd tenner?

ps. DH has won eighty odd pounds on 3 occasions (4 numbers)

WideWebWitch Sat 17-May-03 20:30:48

Nope. I read once that I have more chance of being dead by next Saturday than winning so I've never done the lottery. Aren't the chances something like 152 million:1?

Linnet Sat 17-May-03 20:38:33

I won £91 once with 4 numbers, has never happened since though.

emsiewill Sat 17-May-03 20:51:30

My SIL was part of a syndicate (of 4, IIRC) who won a couple of years ago and her share was £20,000. They won while she was staying with me, so she took us all out for lunch - I think she felt obliged to "share" it, although I assured her that there was no way I would expect anyone who's won £20,000 to share it - just not enough to do that with. If she'd won £2m, on the other hand, it would have been a different story
They got 5 numbers and the bonus ball, by the way.

janh Sat 17-May-03 21:10:35

My DH has insisted on doing it, with the same numbers, every Saturday since it started. I think those numbers have won £10 twice. I told him to stop after a couple of years but he WON'T - silly sod. Can't remember when it started, and he doesn't do it on Wednesdays (why???? Where is the logic???) but he must have paid in getting on for £500. Twit.

sb34 Sat 17-May-03 21:11:01

Message withdrawn

janh Sat 17-May-03 21:13:13

And that's another thing! I used to work on Sundays in a supermarket that did the lottery and the payout on 4 numbers could be anything from under £30 to over £100 and that's not fair either - the jackpot should be smaller to make the lower payouts bigger (IMHO!)

Wills Sat 17-May-03 21:13:48

Janh - you call your dh a twit but I used to have a lodger who would use the same numbers religiously and watch every single week to see if they had come up. Thing is... he never bought a ticket - how stupid is that!

Bobsmum Sat 17-May-03 22:29:20

You have more chance of being kicked to death by a donkey. True
I did win the Just Seventeen crossword once though if that counts?

Ghosty Sat 17-May-03 23:15:10

My DH won 160 quid once ... 4 numbers ... way back in the early days ... I think it was the third draw ...
I have never won anything ... ever ... not even a measly raffle ...

sb34 Sat 17-May-03 23:24:13

Message withdrawn

Ghosty Sat 17-May-03 23:28:54

SB ... did you win the lime and soda aswell ?

sb34 Sat 17-May-03 23:31:49

Message withdrawn

anais Sat 17-May-03 23:32:21

I don't even play - I don't believe in the lottery, I'm not wildly religious or anything like that but I don't believe the government should be encouraging gambling. It's such a waste of money. My Dad spends £5 religiously every week (only on saturday's!) and has only ever had £40 and the odd £10 back.

I feel obliged to mention that my moral stance would be quickly abandoned if he WERE to win anything and then I would be first in line demanding my share

Holly02 Sun 18-May-03 03:57:00

A friend of mine that I worked with a few years ago won $500,000 on a scratch-it (do you have those in the UK?). Her son bought her a $10 scratch-it for mother's day and she won half a mil!! The next day in our lunch hour I went on a bit of a shopping spree with her and she bought me a beautiful silk blouse, which I thought was really nice... anyway not long afterwards she bought herself a red sports car and a new house!! She hadn't been living in the country very long and her husband was unemployed, so I know they needed the money.

And... the winning ticket was bought in a little country town way up north where the population was only a couple of thousand, I believe. So it does actually happen - although not often enough!!! The most money I've ever won myself is about $80....

SueW Sun 18-May-03 08:12:47

Since my daughter had a one in 20 million chance of getting the condition she has and the surgery consequently failing, I do play the lottery occasionally a believe we may win!

StripyMouse Sun 18-May-03 09:25:31

The "you’ve got to be in it to win it" is such an alluring reason to play but I am on a money saving plan. I used to put a fiver down once a week but realised that if I saved that for a year I would have £240 quid to go out for a flash meal and feel like a winner anyway!! (In the past I only won £10 a couple of times)

doormat Sun 18-May-03 10:23:49

I'm in a syndicate with 10 of us in it. We have about £30 each so far. It gets saved for Xmas. It is only a pound a week.

I also have £3 week on Littlewoods lottery. Never on a thing on that one.

Another £3 week on bonus ball numbers. I win £49 quite frequently if one of my numbers come up.

Nutjob Sun 18-May-03 11:03:05

My sister got 4 numbers once but only won about £17 because there were so many winners that week, my Dad plays every week and has won the odd tenner or two, the best he has done was when he got 5 numbers and won about £3000. I used to play the football pools, I prefer that as you feel as though you have at least a bit of input into increasing your chances, dh and I one a few hundred a couple of times, but then our pools man stopped coming round and we are too lazy to go to the shops and do it!!

SueW Sun 18-May-03 12:46:44

Nutjob, you can do both the lottery and the pools by standing order/direct debit/prepayment by cheque now!

aloha Sun 18-May-03 15:35:16

I've never won more than about £40 or something. But my friend won £11,000 a couple of months ago when her work syndicate won £110,000. Another friend won tens of thousands three years ago, and a colleage at work won a similar amount. And a friend of a friend, who is a single parent, found out that her ex-partner had won over a million, but claimed his girlfriend won the money and didn't give her anything for his son, and refused to help her buy a second-hand car to take his son out in.

54321 Sun 18-May-03 16:29:35

all i ever win is the odd £10 now and again.

hmb Sun 18-May-03 17:22:23

i've won about 3 lots of £10, and £25 on a scratch card. We don't play every week, and I only get a scratch card once in a blue moon.

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