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Ebay - would you complain /mention it or is it par for the course?

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lisalisa Wed 01-Jun-05 11:07:41

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Wed 01-Jun-05 11:09:48

it's worth emailing the seller who may offer to refund you or send a replacement product. You can always leave neutral feedback if you get no response from them.

jodee Wed 01-Jun-05 11:10:39

Lisalisa, think you have to chalk that one up to experience, when I first started buying on Ebay I naively thought people had the same standards of selling that I would have. Can you post a link, so we can all avoid this seller!

misdee Wed 01-Jun-05 11:11:11

i have bouyght loads of stuff tha atink of fags. yuuuuk.

pixiefish Wed 01-Jun-05 11:11:36

contact the seller- complain- just don't leave feedback till they've left yours. Don't leave it as a condition of getting a refund or anything- that way they can't leave you bad feedback

lisalisa Wed 01-Jun-05 11:48:36

Message withdrawn

Enid Wed 01-Jun-05 11:49:40

chalk it up.

I am sure the smell will go.

I always ask if the item comes from a smoke/dog free home and most sellers post that it if it does.

pixiefish Wed 01-Jun-05 11:51:09

lisa- if you're not happy then complain to him. if you think it'll sort out in the wash then don't. he can't retaliate by negging you so the ball's in your court

slartibardfast Wed 01-Jun-05 12:02:23

Ebayers can get a bit hungup about the negative feedback stuff - it's really best used as a last resort if things go awry. Regular sellers will be genuinely interested in how their goods are received, if only so they can do better with the next one. Trying to untangle a small-money transaction with returns and sorting out postage is usually not worth the effort - so if a wash solves the problem, that sounds a good idea - my small child always rolled in the mud in new clothes as a matter of principle, afaict :-)

lisalisa Wed 01-Jun-05 14:51:08

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Wed 01-Jun-05 18:26:34

lisa- you've said that he's already left you feedback so he can't leave you a neg anyway

lisalisa Thu 02-Jun-05 11:23:45

Message withdrawn

emsiewill Thu 02-Jun-05 17:49:53

I bought a bra from ebay recently, which was exactly as described, exactly what I wanted, but stank of cigarette smoke. I emailed the seller to say it had arrived (I always do this) and mentioned the smell - but made it clear I was only doing it for her info, as I knew the smell would come out in the wash. I left positive feedback, as overall I was really pleased - it had arrived really quickly as well as being exactly what I wanted. The seller actually gave me a £4 refund (on a £13 bra), which I was really pleased and surprised about. So for me, it was worth mentioning, although the only motive I had was to let her know.

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