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photobox.... uploading probs...?

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bea Wed 01-Jun-05 08:08:13

is anyone else having probs uplodaing to photobox? when the java thing pops up i click 'yes' to accept it... but then the 'choose from files' and 'choose from folders' option doesn;t appear... so when i've tried to upload using the standard boxes... it doesn't let me do this either.... i hope it's a glitch on their end and not me... but it's prob me!

SoupDragon Wed 01-Jun-05 08:18:11

Are you using Internet Explorer? I can't get photobox to work with Firefox and have to switch to IE if I want to upload photos.

bea Wed 01-Jun-05 08:27:18

i'm usinf firefox as well!!!!... but... i managed to upload photos the other day using firefox... hmmm will switch to IE and see if that makes any difference... ta soupy!

mancmum Wed 01-Jun-05 08:45:10

I uploaded loads last night to photobox using IE.. so guess it must be a prob at your end?

bea Wed 01-Jun-05 08:51:17

soupy... you're a star! just uploaded and checked out my order... should arrive tommorrow... thanks! it must be firefox....grr!

thanks mancmum too!

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