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Reading - is there anybody there?

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ks Fri 16-May-03 07:59:13

Message withdrawn

Twink Fri 16-May-03 08:33:57

Yes,I do. ks are you following me again ? What side of Reading will you need to be on for work as crossing it during rush hours is not something you would want to do on a daily basis ?

ks Fri 16-May-03 09:41:16

Message withdrawn

ks Fri 16-May-03 11:21:32

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 11:29:32

ks...I'm from Reading. I work in Caversham. I'm here now. I live right in the centre of the town. Caversham is very good fro everything. Ask jessi too, as she lives in Caversham. It is expensive.

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 11:30:08

Message withdrawn

jinna Fri 16-May-03 11:35:20

ks we are also looking to move to the reading area - we have done a lot of research and looked at some houses. The areas we have looked at include lower earley, earley and shinfield. Each area have there pluses and minuses. we are looking for good infant schools and easy access to motorways and train stations. We have been looking for over a year - prices are high and some areas are overpriced. Let us know how you do. Good luck

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 11:38:15

jinna> I was brung up in Old Earley, went to a v v good primary school and comprehensive. It is a very nice area, especially for kids I think. Lower Earley though, is another matter.

jinna Fri 16-May-03 11:45:28

Bobbins thanks for that - what did you think of lower earley?

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 11:49:11

Well, as I was brought up in Old Early, and saw Lower Early being built, I think we were a bit snobby about it's newness. I used to call it Legoland. BUT that was a long time ago, and I think it has developed quite well really. Most of my school friends lived in Lower Earley.

ks Fri 16-May-03 12:04:39

Message withdrawn

CAM Fri 16-May-03 12:39:05

Ks when I lived in Wiltshire as an RAF child we used to be scared of going to Reading. It was even rougher than Swindon. As Twink and Bobbins live there it must be really nice now.

whellid Fri 16-May-03 12:46:39

CAM - your post made me laugh! I lived in Reading for a while, and my relatives reaction was one of horror, as they too only knew of it as a 'rough' place!
I can assure you that it has changed, and I really enjoyed living there. We only moved away because the rising house prices meant we couldn't buy anything we wanted in the area.

Twink Fri 16-May-03 12:55:44

Only improved by the presence of Bobbins I'm afraid CAM. I'm currently lowering the tone in rural Berkshire, west of Reading but know it well as I've worked there for years (and had to get from north to south of it on a daily basis )

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 13:05:24

ks> we now have this beig monstrosity of a shopping centre called The Oracle . We are currentl fighting to keep the independent shops open in the town centre, of which, there are still a few really good ones, but a lot of there lets are nearly through and the owners are very tempted not to renew and get chains moving in. I do like living in Reading, yes it can be rough, but it also has a lot of individual culchur I think.

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 13:06:30

their lets

ks Fri 16-May-03 13:44:06

Message withdrawn

ks Fri 16-May-03 13:53:52

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 14:16:46

There are some lovely villages. Sonning is lovely, so are Whitchurch, Goring, Pangbourne, Shiplake, Purley and Mapledurham. I love Marlow, but its more near Maidenhead. All along the Thames. Twyford is OK, but my ex and his family live their, so I'd stay away. Where else erm...I think you should come for a drive around. The villages and countryside around Reading are lovely.

The Oracle is a monstrosity, but one nice thig is it is built over and around a pretty bit of the River Kennet.

ks Fri 16-May-03 14:25:59

Message withdrawn

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 14:37:34

Let us know how it goes.

OOh, just remembered Cookham, they have a Stanley Spencer Museum there as its where he was born. I would adore living there that is more towards Maidenhead too though.

Chid Beale Wildlife park is nice for kids, that is out past Pangbourne.

I'm going on a bit too much now, sounding like Reading Tourist Board, so I'll shut it. I'm just a bit of rough living in the town centre

Can I visit you if you do end up moving to one of those adorable places?

gingernut Fri 16-May-03 14:42:21

Wokingham has a Waitrose.....

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 14:48:36

so does Twyford, Caversham and even the Oxford Road (worst part of Reading, and funnily enough just round the corner from me). And Reading has the original Jonh Lewis in it's centre (since 1950's), it used to be called Heelas.

Scatterbrain Fri 16-May-03 15:03:33

OOh - sorry have been away to center Parcs - only just saw this - I'm near Reading too - in a village very close to Wokingham. Wokingham is lovely - very expensive but gorgeous.

ks Fri 16-May-03 15:44:21

Message withdrawn

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