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whymummy Fri 16-May-03 07:26:35

i thought there should be a thread to say happy birthday to your love ones

whymummy Fri 16-May-03 07:27:56

so here`s mine



SoupDragon Fri 16-May-03 07:44:27

Happy Birthday to Whydaughter!

But I hate to tell you that she's now in the Therrible Threes.

whymummy Fri 16-May-03 07:50:20

cheers soupy,muuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeee
she also had the terrible ones

eidsvold Fri 16-May-03 07:54:12

happy birthday why aughter.. hope you all have a lovely day!

eidsvold Fri 16-May-03 07:54:32

oops forgot the d !!

SoupDragon Fri 16-May-03 07:55:55

Just wait for the ******* Fours.

whymummy Fri 16-May-03 08:04:37

thanks!! i`ve done my back in going up and down the living room helping madam with her new bike,she won`t leave it alone!!!

SoupDragon Fri 16-May-03 08:06:31

Ah yes - I have fond memories of DS1's scooter...

doormat Fri 16-May-03 08:26:06

Happy 3rd birthday Whymummy's daughter

breeze Fri 16-May-03 08:29:55

Yes Happy birthday to your daughter, whymummy, does that mean you wont be serving today (no change there then

whymummy Fri 16-May-03 08:30:10

thanks doormat,still no improvement in her behaviour i`ll wait till 3.15pm that`s when she was born

whymummy Fri 16-May-03 08:31:37

i wasn`t going to open the pub but anything to get away from this pink barbie bike so business as usual

Ghosty Fri 16-May-03 08:42:52

Happy birthday Whydd ... !!!
Erm ... whymummy ... thought you said you were opening the pub ... come on ... I am freezing out here ...

whymummy Fri 16-May-03 08:56:47

sorry ghosty,i`m on me way!!

whymummy Fri 16-May-03 10:56:52

good home wanted for 3 year old,comes with pink bike

lucy123 Fri 16-May-03 11:07:52

That's a coincidence - my dd is 1 today.

V proud of her too - she opened a couple of pressies on her own and has just started to wave goodbye when anyone says "bye bye", "see ya" or "adios". Bi-ligual already!

lucy123 Fri 16-May-03 11:09:13

yes, and happy birthday to your dd too, whymummy!

whymummy Fri 16-May-03 11:13:45

hi lucy,muchas gracias y cumpleanos feliz to your dd,it is a coincidence wow!

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