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wedding attendant present ideas

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lunavix Mon 30-May-05 20:12:53

Trying to think of a few nice bits to get our attendants.

We have: two best men, three bridesmaids a page boy and an usher, also want to get a gift for father of the groom. Don't want the usual cuff links yoyos and all that.

So far am planning a gift bag for the bridesmaids and page boy, and have got thank you cards for everyone, plus me to you bridesmaid/page boy bears. Also going to get bridesmaids a necklace to wear on the day.

Any more ideas? Particularly for the boys?

darlingbud Mon 30-May-05 20:16:11

It depends how much you want to spend. We didn't have much money so we got the men a nice bottle of whisky each and we got the girls a hamper of beauty goodies from the various stands at boots - using well known named products though.
I also bought the girls their necklaces that they wore with their outfits.
The younger attendants got the bears.

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