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anyone use Sainsbury to You for home delivery?

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mckenzie Mon 30-May-05 19:59:42

I have a quick question. I'm trying to create my first order and must be missing something really simple. How do i actually select an item to go into my trolley???
I can call the item up that I want to buy, I can see how to change the amount and also choose the ripeness but I cant see how to actually order the blasted thing!!

giraffeski Mon 30-May-05 20:14:06

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Mon 30-May-05 20:15:10

yes but then what do I do? I'm hunting for a button that says 'add to trolley' but I cant find one?

mckenzie Mon 30-May-05 20:16:53

okay, sussed it now. thanks giraffeski

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